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Kinds of tooth forms: coarse crushing

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Hydraulic cone crusher IS evolved from spring cone crusher. Nowadays, hydraulic cone crusher has replaced hammer crusher, roller crusher, roller ball mill, etc. And become the mainstream equipment in sand making business. Hydraulic cone crusher is a star product in Great Wall Heavy Industry, it adopts the German advanced technology and integration of bold innovation, using the principle of laminating crushing design which has special crushing cavity, and form a complete set of hydraulic lubrication system, greatly reduce the cost of human and material.

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Kinds of tooth forms: coarse crushing
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So it can bring high profit for you. We have good reputation in the world,and our machine is famous for its high- efficiency and low cost,we guarantee the quality and will give you the best service. The customer who want to seek cone crusher for sale and rent,Great Wall Heavy Industry is your best choice. Descriptions of Hydraulic Cone Crusher: 1 . Great Wall Heavy Industry hydraulic cone crusher adopts German standard components and advanced technology from Taiwan, providing higher efficiency and more value to global customers.

2. Has three kinds of tooth forms: coarse crushing (C), medium crushing (M) and fine crushing (SSH), being able to meet most second crushing and tertiary crushing needs. 3. We have many types of hydraulic cone crushers for you to choose from, whether fixed type hydraulic cone crusher or trailer movable hydraulic cone crushers. 4. Spring pressure device and oil-pressure discharge device can discharge the unsearchable objects without damaging the machine. The lubrication system can effectively protect the main motor, ensuring the safety of operation.

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Kinds of tooth forms: coarse crushing. (2018, May 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/descriptions-of-hydraulic-cone-crusher/

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