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Did you ever wonder why smoking tobacco is legal w

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ent it is addictive andhas basically no heath benefits. I feel that the US should legalizemarijuana, a non addictive drug that can actually be beneficial?Four million Americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis.

USA Today states that in 2001, 34% of Americans 18 to 49 year olds favor oflegalization of marijuana in the United States. The 62% of people thatoppose marijuana are the elderly, regular church goers, and republicans.

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Did you ever wonder why smoking tobacco is legal w
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Marijuana should be legalized. I will provide you with the many benefits onthe agricultural production of marijuana in this country.

Also I would liketo point out that if it was legal we could do even more research on thepositive aspects of this natural herb.

I. There are many benefits in the agricultural production ofmarijuana.

A. Fist of all, I would like to provide you with some backgroundinformation on this plant.

B. Hemp is a crop that both presidents, Washington and Jeffersonraised. It was valued for its fibers which were used for ropeand canvas, and its seeds were used for soap and lamp oil.

C. In 1619 the Virginia assembly passed legislation that requiredall farmers to grow hemp. It was exchanged as legal tender inPennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland. In the late 19th century,marijuana was a popular ingredient in many medicine products andwas sold openly in public pharmacies.

D. Also during World War II, the import of hemp was crucial to ourmilitary. It was used for parachutes and other necessities. TheUS Department of Agriculture called on the ‘Hemp for Victory,requiring farmers once again to plant hemp. In 1943, the US hadover 375,000 acres of land committed to hemp.

II. Secondly there are many beneficial uses of the plant.

A. Hemp is the male part of the plant that contains less than 1% oftetrahydrocannabinol (the primary ingredient in marijuana thatgets you high). Hemp has over 50,000 non-drug uses. For example,fuel, food, plastics, cosmetics, and clothing. Its seeds arewell balanced protein having the highest content of essentialfatty acids.

B. Cannabis is the female part of the plant. It also has verystrong fibers. Its seeds are used in food production and oilthat is used as a base for paints and varnishes. The pulp can beused in fuel and paper. The resin in the blossoms and leaves canused in medicines.

C. Another benefit of the plant is actually smoking the buds andblossoms of the female plant. It provides relief of sufferingseriously and terminally ill patients dying of AIDS and cancer.

AIDS patients smoke this drug for an appetite, and cancerpatients smoke it to relieve the nausea they get fromchemotherapy. Doctors also recommend using this drug forepilepsy, arthritis, migraine headaches, and glaucoma. Timemagazines poll stated 84% of Americans believe marijuana shouldbe legalized for medical uses. Marijuanna has been proven tohave therapeutic benefits on these people who want to enjoy andnot suffer in pain the little life they have left.

III. Thirdly, marijuana can benefit our economy. Legalization doesn’tmean that there won’t be restraints to govern its use. Doneproperly it allows the government to control distribution andquality of marijuana.

A. The state and federal government would be able to tax it andregulate its distribution. This would enable the US to cut thecost on the drug war by 50% and focus on the more harmful anddeadly drugs. Legalizing marijuana would also reduce health carecost by reducing the probability of accidental ingestion of anunintended drug, through state sponsored standardization ofpurity in production and sale.

B. Marijuana could raise the job economy. The retail value ofmarijuana grow in Vancouver was $750 million. This is 3 timesgreater than dairy production. A bushel of corn sells for acouple dollars, while a bushel of marijuana sells for about$70,000. Marijuana could become a legitimate agriculturaloperation leading to more jobs for farmers.

C. And finally, legalizing marijuana decrease prison overcrowding.

With the 3 strikes your out law, it sends people away for life.

Some of these people are murders and rapist, but most are lowlevel drug offenders. This means that they are predominatelytaking up room in jail, forcing the early release of veryviolent offenders. USA today says that the 700,000 annualmarijuana arrests do more harm than good. In 1982, presidentRegan launched the ‘War on Drugs’ that began as an assault onmarijuana. The number of marijuana arrests in 1997, was about700,000 and 87% of those arrests were for possession, not forthe sale or manufacturing.

IV. In conclusion, I have shown many of the benefits of the agriculturalproduction of marijuana in the US. I firmly believe marijuana should belegalizing. A drug is nothing more than a chemical that affects the body.

Drugs that are deemed socially, religiously, medically, or politicallyunfit are banned. God gave us this herb to enjoy, make use of, and in samecases help the sick. With so many positive uses for this herb, whyshouldn’t it be legalized?

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Did you ever wonder why smoking tobacco is legal w. (2019, Feb 21). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/did-you-ever-wonder-why-smoking-tobacco-is-legal-w/

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