Wonder Woman and Her agent

Wonder Woman has excellent strength, speed, and agility. Wonder Woman was granted her powers by a Greek god, Aphrodite. However, Some of the Greek gods are her enemies. Even Though others are trying to harm their surroundings. All superheroes have both strength and weaknesses and if were a superhero I would be called Morgan Force.

Wonder Woman was made in 1941. She fought in the battles, to block objects from injuring her, is what she used her bracelets for. Wonder woman is liked by most people. She’s very caring, favorable and brave. She has many abilities like strength, durability, flight, and etc. Wonder Woman’s weaknesses are if her bracelets get lost or broken she goes rage, her bracelets are tied together she would lose her superpowers.

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If I were a superhero my name would be Morgan Force. Morgan Force’s mother grew up on a horse farm with horses who gave her powers. She then later realize that she was having a child and couldn’t to take care of her. She decided to dropped her baby off by a farm, as she grew older she started developing her powers. The farm that she lived on, a couple adopted her and name her Morgan. Her adopted parents do not know that she had powers. Morgan told them about her powers and they arranged to let her go to war. Once Morgan started using her powers, she went into wars. Morgan went to war for ten years and then came back. People were amazed by how she survived a long period of time and gave her the name Morgan force. My strengths are, super strength, bravery, and good at math. My weaknesses are bugs, snakes, and speed.

In Rodman Philbrick’s novel Freak the Mighty there were two characters named Max and Freak. They both compliment each other by their strengths and weaknesses. Max is tall and had the ability to walk but he was not smart. However, Freak was small and didn’t have the ability to walk but is very smart. Freak and Max are like Morgan Force and Equine Secretariat. Morgan Force strengths, she’s strong, brave, and good at math, but her weaknesses are bugs, snakes, and speed. Equine Secretariat strengths are bugs, snakes, and speed, although her weaknesses are, strength, bravery, and math.

Wonder woman was most liked. All superheroes have both strength and weaknesses and if were a superhero I would be called Morgan Force. Wonder Woman surrendered her abilities to live in a man’s world. She started to run a dress shop. In all, all superheroes have strength and weaknesses.

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