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Different Forms Of Art

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    What is art? At times art can be subjective when defining sine there are many factors which contribute to its definition. However, it can be described as one’s expressions of ideas and emotions through many different types of mediums. Art can be seen in many various forms such as literature, music to photographs as well as paintings and so on. Throughout time art has progressed over in its most primitive state such as those found in the Paleolithic period up to its most modernized versions of today the twenty-first century. However, when considering the context of different types of artworks, it is very significant to understand each author’s purpose to comprehend its meaning and function adequately. “Whether economic, philosophical, social or cultural,” (D. Pledger) the context in which a specific type of artwork is conveyed as well as created it is a very fundamental part when finding the meaning of a particular art form.

    Different cultures have admired the beauty that the word Art has bestowed upon us. The perceptions of how various cultures throughout time have changed the way we find meaning and define art. Throughout history, we can see how the understanding of the way we admire art has changed. Art has always been a significant tool, especially helping individuals from different cultures and periods communicate. Art has been used ever since the very beginnings of human existence. This can be seen all the way from the stone age to today with pieces such as masks, pyramids, jewelry, to more advance artwork such as those created by Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. However, when describing the context in which each artist through time has created their masterpieces, you can always say that each piece has brought many individuals a part of history for many individuals classifying art not only is described as the means in which the artist created their work but instead, the connection that is created when making them. Although for many, Art, is not meant to be understood, instead it is intended to be admired.

    For as long as humanity has existed, people have been creating as well as admiring art. It is essential to consider the context of artwork in order to understand its meaning and function adequately. Consisting of all of the things about the artwork that might have influenced the artists, the context is an essential part when comprehending its meaning. Looking at the artist’s culture, as well as their background gives us, the viewers a better understanding of why it was made and how the mediums used to contribute to its meaning, what it represents and what ultimately inspired them to create their work.

    However in order to understand how its meaning and function entirely we have to take a look at each artworks context. ‘Whether economic, philosophical, social or cultural,’ (D. Pledger) these will help us determine how to find meaning in a piece of artwork as well as the artist’s purpose. In order to understand each artworks meaning and function entirely we have to analyze how both different cultures and timelines have played a role when creating art. Throughout timepieces of artworks have been transformed depending on the context of each period. In which there are viewed, critiqued and techniques reused in order to recreate these pieces.

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