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Difficulties of Working and Studying



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    Studying is an important period of life. Education obtained at the university is a crucial element in providing yourself suitable future. Although education is free, studying may be expensive. Some of the students have to work and earn money on their own. It is often caused by financial problems. Working and studying at the same time is hard because of harming education,stress and no free time. Firstly, working may affect academic studies. The main purpose of studying is to focus on getting scientific knowledge which will help in student’s further job.

    So if a student wants to receive enough education, he should spend all his time on studying. Working several hours a day consumes a lot of time and energy so student who comes back home after his classes and work, can not be fully concentrated on gaining new knowledge. Lack of time and tiredness after work makes, that student can not assimilate all the knowledge that he needs for his next classes. The only thing he is thinking about is to rest. Limiting time spended on studing may cause getting bad marks and not passing important exams wchich can weight against student’s future.

    While classes, students can not concentrate on learning, because they are exhausted. Some of them sleep in the last seats instead of listening to the lecturer. It also happens that students are not attending on their classes because they want to earn more money. Secondly, students who study and work at the same time are highly exposed on stress, wchich is very dangerous for their sanity. All the duties they have to execute at work and classes that they have to get ready to are hard to reconcile.

    It is really hard to stand up early in the morning, go on classes, work for several hours after school, do homework and prepare for the next classes. After few days you are so exhausted, that you start worrying, whether you can do all these things on time. Stress starts working. Students are distracted on classes because they are not prepared. Sometimes they have to miss classes because of their boss bad mood and not to lose job or they are simply too exhausted to take part in lessons.

    Often job consumes more strenght that they can afford. Too much stress may cause some serious diseases like neurosis or poor quality sleep. Depriving time of sleep harms the process of building up student’s body. It all may be caused by working and studying at the same time. Thirdly, students who work and study to all intents and purposes have no free time. There is no free time for relaxing . While working you can not watch your favorite TV show or surf in the Internet. Your partner is angry because of not spending time together.

    Your community life suffers. There is no more time for meeting with friends and going to the parties. There is also no time for after-school activities like developing foreign language. While working and studying you have not enough time to prepare for some tests or exams properly. In conclusion, it is impossible to work and study on a high level at the same time. Students should concentrate their vital powers on acquiring knowledge. In the future it will help them in making their job properly.

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