Discussion of Research Design

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This chapter presents the methodology that will be use in the conduct of this study and will include the discussion of research design, samplings,respondents, data gathering and statistical instrument used. A. The Research Design The study will use the descriptive survey design in its attempt todetermine, describe and analyze relationships between time management,learning skills, and study skills and the dependent variable which is the academic performances in Mathematics. It tries to find out if the independent variables significantlyinfluence the dependent variable. B. Samplings and Respondents

Education Students who are enrolled during the recent school year atXavier University which is comprised 5 percent of the total population will thesample size of the study. The sample population is 286 taken the total fromthe 1000 Education students of Xavier University. The names of thestudents of the total population will be arranged alphabetically andaccording to year levels. Simple stratified random method, proportionate tosize will be done based on the random numbers generated by Minitab or Excel. Names will then be picked up and these will be included in thesample population. C. Research Settings

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The study will be conducted inside the Victorious Christian School. D. Data Gathering The researchers will ask permission from the dean of school of education to allow the education student to answer the questionnaire. Theanswering of the questionnaire will be done in the Learning Research Centre(LRC). Answered questionnaires then, will be gather, responses coded andwill be subject to the appropriate statistical computation for reliability. Thesestudents name will then be deleted from the list of the total population so asnot to include them again in the selection of the sample population.

E. Instruments Use Self- developed questionnaire composed of 10 items questions will beuse to measure Study Habits of Education Students http://www. slideshare. net/jennilynbalbalosa/final-na-final-thesis Significance of the study This study is very important to the following: Students are given insights for the improvement of their performance and achievements,not only for the betterment of their study and understanding Mathematics subject. It will also help students develop their interest toward Mathematics and appreciate the importance of the subject in their daily lives.

Mathematics 1st year Teachers are provided with some eye openers to create and innovate relevant teaching materials, and to use varied and appropriate strategies to improve their instruction. School Administrators will use the result of this study as baseline data to improve the Mathematics programs to school advancement. Background of the Study Mathematics achievement has shown that the students from Victorious Christian School in 1st year seemed to outperform their counterparts. Many examined students thinking about school and their attitude toward Mathematics.

Mathematics performance involves a complex interaction of factors on school outcome. Although the relationship between Mathematics performance and students factors has been studied widely,it is important to explore the factors that contribute students Mathematics performance. The researcher found that neither gender consistently outspaced the other in any school or at any year level. Student engagement in Mathematics refers to students motivation to learn Mathematics,their confidence in their ability to succeed in Mathematics and their emotional feelings about Mathematics.

Student engagement in Mathematics plays a key role in the acquisition of Math skills and knowledge, students who are engage in learning process will tend to learn more and be more receptive to further learning. Mathematics performance has improve,again,though expecting students to achieve,providing instruction based on individual student needs and using a variety of methods to reach all learners. Statement of the Problem 1. Which sex has higher academic performance in Mathematics? 2. What makes the male or the female knowledgeable in Mathematics? . How will the inferior sex cope up with the superior sex in Mathematics?

Body This study aims to unviel facts behind the difference in academic performance of first year female and male high school students,in Mathematics subject. The fact one sex is superior over the other,arouses the eagerness of our group to choose the study inorder for us to understand why it is so and find any possible action for the inferior sex to cope up in the superior sex performance. Introduction We live in a Mathematical world.

Whenever we decide on a purchase,choose an insurance or health plan,or use a spreadsheet,we rely on Mathematical understanding. The level of Mathematical thinking and problem solving needed in the workplace has increased dramatically. In such a world,those who understand and can do Mathematics will have opportunities that others do not. Mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures. A lack of Mathematical closes those doors. Students have different abilities,needs and interest. Yet everyone needs to be able to use Mathematics in his or her personal life, in the workplace and in further study.

All students deserve an opportunity to understand the power and beauty of Mathematics. Mathematics becomes part of our life,not olmy in our academic subjects,but in all part of our integral life. We don’t see that even in simple conversation Mathematics take place. In our transportation it also occurs,and in our daily living it definitely applied. Bibliography Related Studies BAGAYANA,ERLINDA B. 2006. Performance in different Learning Areas and in Mathematics of the First Year Students in Cluster III of Diocesan Catholic School System. Unpublished M. A Thesis

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