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Doctor’s Perspective

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I took a small visit to the Macbeth house today. And if I were to describe them in one word… that word would be crazy. I took an oath of solitude to not say what I heard, so I write everything down here. This couple is going insane. Lady Macbeth is obsessed with wealth and power that she forced Macbeth to murder King Duncan. The guilt is getting to both of them. Macbeth is going crazy now that he knows people are slowly starting to find out.

He also murdered Banquo and sent soldiers to the Macduff house to murder his family!

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Doctor’s Perspective
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Lady Macbeth is telling me how Macbeth cannot cope with the guilt and that he is apparently seeing ghosts. That is not my position in expertise and I don’t know how to help them with that. Lady Macbeth is slowly getting ill. I’m not sure how she got sick in the first place but I think it is because the guilt is slowly eating her alive.

This couple needs to stop, if I were them I would turn myself in or this will turn into something much worst.

I am really concerned about them, once people find out about these murders and that that both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth caused them then people will surely want to get back at them. And both of them are unstable to protect themselves. This is all cause just because they have an intense love for power. But what they don’t realize is that if the King died the throne will have to go to one of his sons to be passed down to the family. Scotland is just going downhill now that Macbeth is king, especially after visiting this family. Things can only get much worse from here.

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