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Does Participating in Sports Keep Teens Out of Trouble

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Sharon Alexander Dr. McLellan English 102 Does Participating in Sports Keep Teens out of Trouble? Being a teen sports participant myself, and rearing six children who participated in sports my views on this subject are based on my own experiences and may be a bit biased. I believe that sports definitely keep teens out of trouble. By playing sports teens, sometimes may feel a sense of accomplishment. It may also build self esteem. Sports may challenge their abilities and may contribute to them doing well in school.

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Does Participating in Sports Keep Teens Out of Trouble
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To play sports, teens must maintain a certain grade point average or make a passing grade to remain eligible to play. Teens that play sports have a sense of team spirit and team work. These traits are needed in life to succeed. Teens must also follow rules and regulations which reinforces structure. Playing sports is very time consuming, for both the teen and their parents. Sports consumes so much time that there may not be time for much else, once school is finished they must usually attend practice.

After coming home from school there is homework and by the time the day is over it is time for bed. Most of the time sports can include weekend games or meets, so the teen may not have any time for themselves or even have time to think about getting in trouble. I used sports to make sure that my children did all their chores; by incorporating home chores; they knew that they couldn’t go to practice if their chores weren’t finished. No practice meant; no playing time. Most of the time teens in sports, are around positive adults and peers.

These other adults may have an impact in their lives and may influence them to stay out of trouble. In today’s society of video game playing teens, it is beneficial for teens to be active in sports; it may encourage them to eat healthier foods to sustain their bodies to be strong for competition. Although my experiences were good for teens playing sports, some may argue that sports do not keep teens out of trouble, and it may cause some negative results like sports may trigger aggression but this depends on the sport.

Or one may say that playing sports reinforces teens to prioritize winning. Some may say that due to popularity and peer pressure, one may consider him or herself above the rules; some teens may indulge in negative behavior because they feel they won’t have any consequences or that the consequences will not be as stiff. I decided to asked my seventeen –year- old daughter what she thought about this topic, and she says, “Playing sports doesn’t keep teens out of trouble and it is the state of mind of the teen that keep them out of trouble. If the teen wants something out of life and knows that by getting in trouble it won’t happen, he/ she will stay out of trouble whether they play sports or not. ” She then said, “Peer pressure from their friends and a self destructive mind will find trouble or make trouble. ” When speaking to my sister on this same subject, she says, “Playing sports will not keep teens out of trouble, and this is when most teens are introduced to drugs, like steroids, to help enhance their muscles and their physical ability. Although my experiences with teens playing sports have been good, now I realize that there are some negatives. I need to do some research to determine the statistics on this subject and if there are other negative experiences. I also want to determine how many people think the way I do and how many have had negative results with their teens and sports, and how many are in between. Works Cited Reese, Shanequa. Personal interview. November 10,2011 Jones, Christina. Personal interview. November 10, 2011

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