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A lot of patients work till sometimes till pm and cannot sake it to the doctors till at least 7 or pm, also a lot of patients might not be able to make it to the doctors till the weekend if they work late at night. Another advantage is that patients should be offered and allowed to make voluntary choices for life changing healthcare interventions that they will or will not receive. Some disadvantages are the type of patients they physician will see and treat.

It is not right for a doctor to only treat certain types of patients when all patients should be treated the same and not different than anyone else.

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Another disadvantage would be the type and information that the physician will disclose to the patients. All patients should be told all information and never left in the dark about anything especially if it has to do with the patient. All patients would have to have insurance that is required by the law in order to be seen.

If a patient does not have insurance they will be required to apply for medical assistance before they are seen at the hospital. If a patient does not qualify for medical assistance and cannot afford insurance they would be seen ND then asked to fill out a paper to see if they qualify for charity help thru the hospital.

At the hospital no can be turned away. Another key component is the HIPPO It is a law that everyone should have to follow the HIPPO law. When a patient would come in to the hospital the patient would have to sign a HIPPO form as part of the paper work. No one in the hospital is allowed to give any information about the patient to anyone unless the patient gives permission in writing. Another one would be where someone would have health insurance but we would accept the insurance.

Someone who has medical assistance will be treated in the hospital because they have insurance thru the state which is run by the government. When someone who has medical assistance will be treated for what is wrong but the patient will be told what is not covered by the insurance and payment arrangements would be made. The patients that have Medicaid the government will make payments to the hospital for the services they are provided. Administration regulations and rules are made for Medicaid over 40 years became a real battleground for the program.

Medicaid regulations that are passed by the federal department of health and human services and the state -level agencies are what brought the program to life. In every state there is a constitution and separate constitution. Most important constitution provisions are written in broad terms that lead to may legal controversies because there are to many competing approaches and theories so can interpret ambiguous constitution phrases. In the state of Massachusetts the Supreme Court has ruled the death penalty is prohibited under the state’s constitution.

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