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There are also many immigrants who have the need for food, and some people think that they take advantage of these programs. “A study released by the Center for Immigration Studies, and immigration research organizations, stated The same study also showed that illegal aliens imposed a burden on America’s social programs such as Medicaid and good assistance programs as well as the prison, court, and health care systems. ‘ In addition, some critics argue that the willingness of illegal immigrants to work for low wages displaces American workers and decrease pay for all workers. (Hearers 19). There are many that disagree with undocumented immigrants being in the United States because they think that most immigrants are either drug dealers, or gang members, but most of Hess immigrants are just here to live the “American Dream. ” They are here to be able to be more than they could be in their own country. They want to be something and be able to accomplish what many Of their family members could not. There is one question that many people always think about when it comes to immigration. Are the undocumented immigrants helping or hurting our economy?

There are many people who argue that immigrants hurt the economy, but by having the DREAM Act it will help the economy. “A study released by the Center for Immigration Studies, and immigration research organizations, stated ‘Households headed by illegal immigrants imposed more than 526. 3 billion in costs on the federal government in 2002 and paid only $16 billion in taxes, creating a net fiscal deficit of almost $10. 4 billion, or $2,700 per illegal household’ (Hearers 19). On the contrary, if the DREAM Act were to be passed, it would cut the deficit by nearly $1. Billion and increase the revenues by $2. 3 billion over ten years. These students could also add $1. 4 . $3. 6 trillion in taxable income to our economy (Miranda). There would be more jobs created since there would be many applications that would deed to be overlooked and analyzed. There would be much more professionalism in the Ignited States and improve the quality of life. The fees for the applications the DREAM Act would also contribute to stabilizing our economy. If the DREAM Act is passed, not only will it help settle our economy, but it will also create jobs and increase the quality of life.

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The process for the DREAM Act is long, and can take many years. There are many requirements that one must meet, and things that must be done before and after the student is eligible for the DREAM Act. For these students o achieve Lawful Permanent Residency (LIP) they must go through a rigorous path. The average waiting time for someone to get an L PR is about two to three months, and sometimes even around 6 months depending on their situation (“The DREAM Act Immigration Access to Higher Education. 257). In order for students to be eligible for the DREAM Act, they need to have proof that they have lived in the United States continuously for at least five years. Another requirement is that they would need to have been brought to the United States when they were under the age of sixteen. They need to eve been under the age of sixteen because this would mean that they were brought here by their parents unwillingly. These students would have to have good moral character.

In government terms, this means that they would not have to been involved in any criminal activities, even if they were charged as minors. The undocumented immigrant that would want to apply would have to also been admitted to an institution of higher education and had earned a high school diploma or the equivalent to a high school diploma, like a GEED. This would allow the student to have conditional permanent residential tutus. The conditional permanent status would give them the chance to complete either two years of college, or serve for two years in the military.

After having completed two years of either college or serving in the military, they would qualify for the full legal permanent residency. (“Legislative Background On the DREAM Ace’ 267). By allowing these students to join the military, they would be able to expand the “recruiting pool. ” There are many people who argue against whether if these students that receive the DREAM Act would be allowed to petition for other family members. These students would not be able to petition for other family members for as many as 20 years.

This is because the process of the DREAM Act would take a few years, but then the process of becoming a citizen would take much longer (Miranda). This would allow only the best of the students who are willing to succeed in life to earn their legal status by working hard. Many undocumented families come to the united States to give not only themselves, but their children a better life that will give them more purport entities. This is what the United States wants to see, students that accomplish their fife long dreams.

By giving them the opportunity to go to school, allowing them health services, such as Medicaid and food services to those who need them. The DREAM Act will help stimulate the economy and increase professionalism as well quality of life in the United States. Think about that student that works hard, earns good grades, and wants to be something. They walk across the stage, receive their diploma and see that ecstatic smile on their face because they know that they will be able to go to college and live their “American dream. “

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