Ecstacy Is Downfall Research Paper English Essay

Ecstacy Is Downfall Essay, Research Paper

English 103-05

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Ecstacy Is Downfall Research Paper English
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Ms. Denise A. Pani

4 September 2001

Exstacy is Downfall

The drug Ecstasy is unsafe for non merely our people, but besides a threat to society. With my ain experiences in college and people I am closely bonded to, or used to be, I have seen this extremely used nine drug occupy our campuses of America by springs and bounds. I can state you more than one narrative about immature college friends that had 4.0 GPAs and assuring callings in front and now have nil because of this drug. I remember a physician stating me that 12 old ages ago this drug was non even known of and now it seems every other twenty-four hours we are reading in the paper of overdoses or studies on the intellectual harm it does.

The concern is really high about the usage of this drug by immature people and it really good should be as for the fact of it has a no win state of affairs when this drug is used. When Exstacy is used, it non merely causes intellectual harm and stunts the ability of that user to larn, but it can besides ensue in decease. There are rather a few people I have met in my experience who were the definition of intelligent and were ever merely a small quicker to & # 8220 ; pick things up & # 8221 ; in the schoolroom, but after their experimentation of Ecstasy were non. After a while these users began to demo marks degenerative cognitive ability: memory loss, inability to larn in category, and a & # 8220 ; spaced out & # 8221 ; demeanour. Not merely can this drug cause acquisition jobs, but besides can throw a individual into terrible depressi

on. If you talk to about 1/3 of the United States this disease is really hard to cover with. Extensive research has been done on this atrocious drug and it really good should be for it is a true job to America. The manner that our people look at this drug is important to deciding this job, because that is all it is a job. A cat that I was best friends with back in high school late got caught with 300 checks, or pills, of Ecstasy in his auto and will now likely go to imprison for a long clip. Don’t you think that is a shame?

Think about it, this is a cat that all thru high school maintained a 4.0 GPA and in his first two semesters at college held a 4.0 with 21 hours each semester and planned on being a professional athleticss agent. What is to go on to him now? He will likely pass a few old ages in gaol while being tortured by inmates and mentally breakdown non completing his instruction and upon go forthing gaol will non be able to acquire a descent occupation anyplace in America with that sort of background. So, I guess there is my point, a cat who could hold been something, person, a plus to himself every bit good as society lost because of Exstacy.

I hear people every now and so seek to take up for the drug or warrant it by stating & # 8220 ; If it & # 8217 ; s merely every one time in a piece it is wholly right & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; It is a loving drug and it brings people together. & # 8221 ; I am perfectly appalled. Something that lone hurts people as persons and society as a whole has nil good to offer, and instead than conveying people together alternatively brings them to their articulatio genuss.

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