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EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

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EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Electronic Dance Music is a new type of music, known by its beat and bass drops. This music is played and produced by djs. In the twenty one century EDM has became one of the famous type of music. Electronic Dance Music it’s also known by their festival that takes place all over world.

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EDM (Electronic Dance Music)
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The beginning of the electronics music started in 1969 with a song called Popcorn, it is considered the very first ‘dance track’. It was util 1980s, when disco DJs had a breakthrough with the help of newly-affordable electronic instruments.

With this artifacts Djs became record producers themselves, combining disco with other contemporary dance music styles. This new type of music start quickly to satisfy audiences, by the mid-1990s, the presence of electronic dance music in contemporary culture was noted all over the world.

Electronic Dance Music is subdivided in other genres, those are: house (including its electro house variation), techno, trance, hardstyle, UK Garage and dubstep, among others.

All this subdivisions are played by Djs. There are many Djs, but the top three Djs, according to Dj Mag, are: Robbert van de Corput (Hardwell) born 7 January 1988, is a Dutch progressive and electro house DJ and music producer. Armin van Buuren born 25 December 1976 he is a Dutch trance music producer and DJ. He is known for mostly playing progressive trance and uplifting trance. Born 25 December 1976. Avicii Tim Bergling born 8 September 1989, he is a Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer. Avicii is a dance-genre DJ.

All the previous Djs, among others, are characterized with their presentation at many famous festivals. One of the most famous festival is Tomorroland, this event takes place at Belgium, and it is presented for three days of every Agust of the year, since 2005. Another very recognized EDM festival is Creamfields is a large British dance music festival featuring DJs and live acts, it begun in 2009.

In conclusion Electronic Dance Music is type of music that had been growing through the years. I consider that this genre is going to conquer all the world in the future, nowadays, has conquer all the teenagers and the clubs.

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