“Education Is the Most Important Factor in the Development of a Country.” Argumentative Essay

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The importance of education in the development of a country is a crucial factor in achieving a developed nation status. This is because education provides human resources, trains professional workers, and builds patriotic individuals to develop the country. Education helps an individual to gain knowledge and increase their ability to work and serve the country. It also helps to build patriotic individuals through moral and civic subjects that are taught in schools. Moreover, education trains professional workers who can create new technologies and share their experiences with the younger generation. Therefore, a government should prioritize education to achieve the development of their country.

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“Education is the most important factor in the development of a country. ” Discuss In this era of globalization, competition between countries has become more and more frequent. Malaysia as a country that aiming to achieve a developed nation in year 2020 must realise that educations is one of the important factor that the country need. For example, most of the peoples who living in the developed countries have highly educated.

In my opinion, I agree that education is the most important factor in the development of a country. In this essay, I will discuss 3 reasons of the important of the education which educations provide human resources,train professional workforce and building patriotic individual to develop the country. Firstly, educations do provide human resource develop a country. This is because educations help an individual to gainknowledge and increase the ability for them to work and served for the country.

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For example, the statistic provide by the Ministry of Human Resources shows that in each year there are more than fifty thousand fresh graduated of Malaysia that start served at public and private sector in Malaysia, this indirectly provide more workers toworked in the markets, as a result, the government can collect more tax from those who are working and it could increase our country GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Therefore, educations had provided enough workers that the market needs and it contributed to the development of our country.

Secondly, educations help to build and form an individual thatpatriotic and loyal to the country. This characteristic of patriotismcan be formdue to moral subjects and civic subjects that teaching in the schools. Through the moral values that students learn in the schools, they wouldbe able to accept the different culture of others race, For instance, the peoples in our country will be unite. Furthermore, educations provide chances for the students to learn and study together no matter in the primary school, secondary school or university.

For example, students would be more tolerance and willing to cooperatetogether with others racebecause they respect love their country. Thus, educations had influence an individual to be loyal to the country. Finally, educations train the professional workforce to the country. This means that through education anindividual can become a professional worker to serve for the country. Moreover, one the criteria for a county to achieve a developed nation status is they do needs a lot of professional workforceto carry research and development to rise up he image of the country. Take for examples, professional workers such as doctors, engineer, chemist and pharmacist would help the country to develop as they could create new technology thorough research and development, besides, professional workers would also share their experiences to young generations and it helps to educate the youth nowadays for helping our country to achieved excellent achievement in the field of technology, medicine and engineering.

Hence, educations help the country to develop as it generate the experts to involve in the field of science and technology. In a conclusion, the three reasons that I have mentioned above are the advantages of education to a country. In my opinion, I still strongly agree that education is the most important factor in the development of a country. A country’s government should take care of their country’s education system if they would like to achieve the developed nation status.

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