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Effect Television Has on Children Mind

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1 Running head: THE PSYCHOLOGY EFFECT OF CHILDREN WATCHING TELEVISION Effect Television has on Children Mind Your Name College Name 2 EFFECTS TELEVISION HAS ON CHILDREN MIND Abstract Television can be a powerful effect on children mind or canhave a negative effect on children mind. On an average day you could find a child in almost every household watching TV. Many homes now a dayhave three- five TV’s in their home. Times were so different when we were children. We only had one TV in the household and we watch TV together as a family.

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Effect Television Has on Children Mind
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In today’s society the children are watching all types of violence, crime, and nudity on TV. I will share some of my opinions why I think TV has a psychology effect on children minds. 3 EFFECTS TELEVISION HAS ON CHILDREN MIND The Psychology effect of children watching Television In today’s society television has become a powerful entertainment and educational tool for children today. However some people may say that television can also have a negative effect on what children watch on television.

I will share some of my views on why I think there is a psychological effect on what children watch on television However, sometimes I will take a break from working on my computer and flip to one of my adults programs, and he will watch it with me. For example; I like to watch the Wendy Williams talk show. K. J may not understand this show, but he knows I like to watch it. He picks up some of the things that are said on the show. When the show comes on and goes off, Wendy has a signature sound that she has the audience do “Oop-Oop, Oop-Oop”. K. J. ikes to hear that sound, so therefore he immediately picks-up on the sound that the audience is making, 4 EFFECTS TELEVISION HAS ON CHILDREN MIND In my home I have four TV’s, one in every bedroom. Some people may think this is not a good idea, however I think it is a good idea when you have company over to your house. The children should go to the rooms to play and watch television. In their rooms we have the parental control set on their television; therefore we can control the TV and not like the TV control them. We also have education DVD and children movies that they can watch while they are in the bedrooms.

I feel there is so much more on TV when I was a child. Even though there is more violence, crime, and nudity shown on TV. It is the responabablite of the adults in the household to monitor what their children watch. As advance as technology has become, there is no reason for 3 and 4 year oldsto have to watch such programs on TV. However, there are shows that we do watch together as a family. As children grow older and develop skills, they take in information and acquire knowledge at a rapid pace. Children’s ideas about how the world works come from experience and from the attitudes and behaviors they see around them.

For instant I will watch my grandchildren pick up a song or dance from a commercial jingle. There is no doubt that television affects our lives and our children lives. In today’s society television is a valuable tool where we get most of our information from; news, weather, and current events. From the moment that a child opens his or her eyes, they are exposed to television. It is almost impossible to keep TV out of their lives. It is the responsibility of the parents or guardian to use this tool in an effect manner. However in my 5 EFFECTS TELEVISION HAS ON CHILDREN MIND

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Effect Television Has on Children Mind. (2018, Feb 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/effect-television-has-on-children-mind/

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