Employment and Phoenix Advertising


The Phoenix Advertising group is having problems with its employees both in terms of employee work ethic, and in employee morale and motivation. Because of this, a report is needed to find out the economic issues and any managerial issues there may be. Also to look at the relationship of these employees and their management. This report is intended to help the company understand the issues at the Ranked ranch and to find any solutions there may be in order to fix these issues for good.

Facts and Causes: Background data

The company that is experiencing the problem is the Ranked branch of the Phoenix Advertising company, located in Ranked, Virginia. Phoenix, Advertising is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and has clients that include but are not limited to: banks, insurance companies and retail chains. My Job as the Vice President for Human Resources Management at Phoenix Advertising, is to report to the company President. The visit to the Ranked Branch is to learn the facts and asses of the issues and complaints that have been brought to our attention, and to find the right solutions to the problems and complaints so that these issues do not continue to arise in the future.

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Relative Information

The problem started when the company President learned that several of our clients have complained of the work performed in the Ranked, Virginia branch. Every client is very important to the company’s overall successћ as clients are what drive our business. We also learned that two, long term employees and top management people have left the agency in the last few months. There are also other key people in he agency are threatening to leave due to other issues. The company president requires me, to conduct a personal inquiry of the situation.

I need to determine and analyze the work condition of the branch. I will interview several, various employees, both new and old to determine the views and opinions of the employees of their work environment. I will also look at various company documents, manuals, and all employee management training. Impact and Effect: The investigation into the Ranked Branch of the Phoenix Advertising company showed that they are currently facing problems with both management and employee relations. The Ranked management problems are significantly affecting the branch is suffering.

One of their main problems is the decreasing employee morale and motivation. This was easily observed and shown through the answers I received while conducting my interviews. The employees, both new and old showed a huge decrease in their dedication for their work, which resulted in the decline of the quality of their performance at work and the work they produced. The employees also associated this decline to the fact that they felt dissatisfaction with the services and the performances of their managers and the work environment that they were avian to work in.

The employees feel stress in their work environment which resulted in an increased rate of the use of sick days and was the main cause of the high employee turnover rate. A lack of or poor communication between the employees and the managers is also another problem raised during the my interviews.


The problems discovered during my investigation have to be resolved, and soon, as this may negatively affect not only the Ranked branch but Phoenix Advertising as a whole. We need to start by revising the hiring and recruitment process in the branch. Particularly on information relative to work assignments, chain of command, and the rights and privileges of the employees.

This solution proposal will hopefully create a clear understanding of the purpose of having an employee, and allowing the superiors to use them accordingly based on their skills set, and responsibilities. As the investigator, I recommend the following solutions: Reducing the overall workload of our full-time employees and adding more part-time employees to help them out, especially during peak seasons to lower employee tension and to even out the mount of work each individual has to do alone.

Establishing a clear communication line between managers and employees. This will allow for a more productive workplace, better collaboration between the clients, artists, helpers and anyone else who is involved in the project. Creating a clearer procedural structure and requirements in future approvals of new clients and contracts, to be able to assure the capabilities of the overall company. By being able to provide a better quality product not Just pumping out a higher quantity of products for the Ranked branch and for the Phoenix Advertising company as a whole.

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