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Employment Essay

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Public Health Department of Municipal Corporation of Delhi proposes to make engagement purely on contract basis for the following posts.

1. Assistant Public Health Inspector/ Vaccinator- 126 posts
2. Assistant Malaria Inspector – 280 posts

Essential Qualification & Experience:
1) Matriculation passed from recognized University/ Board/ School/ Equivalent (candidate with less then 50% marks will no be considered)
2) Sanitary Inspector’s/ Health Inspector’s Diploma from recognized institution/ equivalent

Desirable: – knowledge of Hindi.
The further terms and conditions are as under:

Gross Emoluments: Rs.

8820/- P.M.

Age: Between 18 to 27 years (Relexable up to 35 years for Govt. Servants & employee of MCD in accordance with the instruction issued by Central Govt. Relaxation to SC/ST/OBC candidates as per rule.

General Terms & Conditions
i) The contract appointment will be for a period of one year only in the first instance or till regular incumbents join whichever is earlier. Contract may be terminated any time without giving any notice.
ii) Leave as permissible to contract employment as per direction of Govt.

iii) Contractual appointees shall not be entitled to LTC.
iv) Contractual appointees shall not be entitled for any leave for study during the pendency of contract.
v) No TA/DA is admissible for attending interview. Canvassing of any kind will lead to disqualification.
vi) Number of vacancies, as specified above, may vary depending upon the actual numbers of vacant posts available at the time of appointment.
vii) The application shall be submitted in prescribed performa as given here along with photocopies of requisite documents relating to age/educational qualification/experience certificate/address proof (whichever applicable) , etc.
viii) The competent authority reserve the.

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