Encouraging the Government to Produce Domestic Films and Videos

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Both the federal government and individual state governments have encouraged domestic movie and video production for a long time.

They allow many tax write-offs to help with the production and the ability to make money off movies. There are currently thirty-one states which offer tax and credit incentives to video production.

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During the recession, this encouraged films to attract attention to various places that had suffered especially difficult economic hardships. Over the past five years, a few states are ending their incentive programs or not renewing them. Some other states still create and renew these programs, but governments are now auditing these producers more carefully before allowing these refunds and grants. This shows that although there was a decent amount of help from the government, this help is declining.

Apart from these local governments, the federal government is also looking to increase tariffs to expand american greatness. This will make large scale blockbuster movie production marginally more expensive, because the ability to film outside of the United States as well as getting all materials needed for movie production will be impeded.

The unionization of this industry has already increased production costs throughout the past ten years. The workload limitations, high wages, paperwork, and other expenses force extended deadlines and other roadblocks to creating these movies and videos. As these things happen, the unionized industry is having more and more people speak their mind. These actors, directors, and writers are speaking their minds about what is happening politically and legally. This is especially important to watch, because many people will follow them in real life, just as they follow them on screen.

Nevertheless, unionization increases production costs. Firstly, union membership requires additional bureaucracy, which translates into added expenses for fulfilling union requirements, limiting daily workloads, extending project deadlines and filling in the necessary paperwork to confirm that production was completed in accordance with the requirements of all involved unions. Unions set higher minimum wages than federal regulations mandate for production employees. Negotiations between unions can also become extremely costly; the threat of a potential strike may lead to across-the-board increases in wages or, in the event of a stalemate during negotiations, costly legal fees.

Exclusive rights granted to creators of art and culture help preserve the revenue-generating capabilities of these works and various derivative copies of their work. Copyright laws not only protect movie producers from unlicensed distribution of their content but also are enforced to ensure that industry operators receive proper authorization and pay royalties for any copyrighted material used in their projects. The production company also must carry appropriate insurance to cover any necessary court costs needed to protect its own work.

The state offers a Film Production Credit of a 30 percent fully-refundable tax credit on qualified production and post-production costs while filming in the state. For the period through 2022, production budgets over $500,000 can receive an additional 10 percent credit for qualified labor expenses incurred in certain New York counties outside of the NYC metro district. This additional 10 percent credit is capped at $5 million per year. Feature films and television series that film a substantial portion of their project in the state are eligible for credits. The program is capped at $420 per year.

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