Sex, Lies, And Videos

Having video girls as depictions of what males in society would be attractive to, produces low self-esteem and eating disorder among young women. According to Joan Morgan, author of the article, when girls are not physically similar to those in the videos, their self-esteem within themselves takes a hit. One viewer commented that “the girls in them are always skinny, white Asian, or Latino-anything but black, then she’s extremely light-skinned” (Morgan, 120).

If one doesn’t fall into his category, then she perceives herself as not being desirable. Some young women respond to the popularity of the “ideal” girl by having body issues that result in eating disorders. The author quotes that, “with thin scantily clad video vixens informing their notion of an aesthetic ideal, 90% of those affected with eating disorders are adolescent and young adult females” (Morgan, 122).

That is why women stay bulimic and feels that it’s a way to attract male interest. Young women viewing the video girls expose themselves for attention. Not realizing that those women on the screen are nothing more than uncensored background.

Young girls copy their lifestyle and attitude. For example, the author’s friend, Irene Prince, says,”The problem with rap is that the images of cool women they present are always degrading to girls.” It was her mother who believed that her daughter thought the women in the videos were cool. Furthermore her opposition to her daughter’s behavior, she commented one thing, “Toys for boys” (Morgan,122 )

I agree with Morgan’s article because she supports women in the videos that affect young women. She discusses about women were willing to reveal more skin to get in the video. Young women think that by watching those videos, it could have boys more interested. Young women were sent home from due to inappropriate clothing. The public school’s concerns of their safety by either walking.

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