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Review of “Zita” By B. Rotor

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After many years, as Zita is now a beautiful lady that all woman wants to be. Zita tell her father Don Eliodoro that she want to study in the city because she want to be a teacher, Don Eliodoro didn’t speak anything, he can’t decide because if he allow her only daughter to study their without his guidance is she will be alright or not? But in the end Don Eliodoro allow Zita to live in the city because he realized that it will also help Zita to forget Mr.

Reteche and to start a new life, new dream and new beginning.

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Review of “Zita” By B. Rotor
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After a week Zita is now ready to leave Pauambang and start her new life in the city with herself. Zita’s study in a famous school and took up Bachelors Degree in Teaching. One day, she met a handsome boy named Daniel that also taking up the same course as Zita. Daniel is one of the heartthrobs in their school, but Zita didn’t care.

They always hanging up together, they are comfortable to each other. One day, Daniel confessed his true feelings to Zita but Zita ignored it and she said to Daniel that she is not ready to have a relationship now.

But Daniel said that he will wait until Zita will be ready. Their friendship is still going. After the Graduation, Zita decided to return in Paumbang to use her expertise in teaching . She is now teaching in her school before . Don Eliodoro was very happy because her daughter is now there . While in the school Zita heard that there is a new teacher in their school but didn’t see it yet. After the school Zita went straight to their house, there maid give her a letter, and she was surprised that it was came from his friend Daniel.

On the other day, Zita come to school early, and she was surprised when he see her college friend Daniel in the school wearing their uniform same as her. Daniel said that he is the new teacher and he told that he go there to follow her because he realized that he love her very much and to know that he still wait for Zita. As they see each other every day, Zita feelings is develop and accept the love of Daniel. And they married after 6 months.

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