Enrollment System Documentation Sample Essay

I. IntroductionThe system design. Registration System that will supply the demand and hive awaying information in a faster. more convenient manner by hive awaying file of the pupil enrollees in a computing machine system that will decrease the attempt of faculty staff in hive awaying files of each pupil every now and so. This will besides function as information particularly for the irregular pupils. freshers. transferee. and professor in able to acquire entree in class. capable. professor. and pupil enrollees. This information here can be viewed in merely a 2nd without worrying that a individual file is lost.

The thought behind enrollment system is non a new construct. As pupil enrollees increase every twelvemonth. enrollment process become harder to cover. This will merely function to increase the job confronting registration that provides more easy manner in inscribing. This will besides be a large aid to all the enrollment staff particularly under the computing machine section because they are the 1 who are entitled to touch and read the information from here.

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Enrollment System Documentation Sample
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It will assist our establishment to hold another system that will upgrade the registration processes so as to run into the quality that our establishments are seeking to run into. Today. the usage of engineering has been an effectual tool on bettering such sort of registration system. In this survey. the usage of Visual Basic will assist to better the efficiency of the registration in the St. Mary’s College.


VisionThe St. Mary’s College of Sta. Maria. Ilocos Sur Incorporated as renounced centre as professional and proficient instruction plan produced and productive competent and competitory graduated and people here in abroad peace. loving. compassionate and committed to development and public assistance society in the environment guided by the love God.

MissionThe St. Mary’s College of Sta. Maria. Ilocos Sur Incorporated conceived in 1948 and opened in 1949 guided by its vision and doctrine instruction for service to God state work forces and the protection and preparation for all particularly the indigents and less fortunate persons permeating them with appropriate wide cognition proficient and technological accomplishments. cultural and more religious values by the SMCians our Filipinos and developing them as distinguished and productive workers lending to the advancement and good being of dynamic society and the care of wellness environment locally and globally.

V. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY1. General ObjectiveMy general aim is evidently to assist ease the job in pull offing records on inscribing old and new pupils. 2. Specific ObjectiveI specifically aimed to present to the said school the beauty and functionality on utilizing electronic devices such as computing machines on assisting them to roll up and pull off records on registration season. and to suggest the computerized system on managing student’s records to avoid mishandling. redundancy. and to forestall records on acquiring old and damaged by natural catastrophes like rains. storms and heat. VI. STATEMENT OF THE STUDY

1. 0 General ProblemThe chief job is that the current registration system of the school uses manual method which resulted to decelerate minutess. 2. 0 Specific job

The followers are the specific jobs in the manual registration system: 1. Enrollment minutess such as recovering information. processing of filled-up registration signifiers. measuring and calculating of tuition fees which consumes a batch of clip. 2. Trouble in pull offing informations and information. It is difficult to pull off and seek documents and files in cabinets where you put the pupil information.

VII. HYPOTHESIS OF THE STUDYComputerized registration system is now used by the universities. colleges and other constitutions. I decided to make an registration system to decrease the work load of the registrar and staffs and supply accurate information of pupils when necessary. Computerized registration system is really utile for both the house and pupils because it instead give an effectual and efficient attack for both the pupils and schools. It is of import in such a manner that it benefit non merely to the pupils but the disposal as a whole.

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