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Technology is getting more advanced each time passes. Hence, Information Technology schools are teaching various system to the students for further use on the students lives and also for the current technology. Information Technology (IT) is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.

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Information System (IS) is the study of information production and a collection of procedures, programs, equipment, methods and interrelated components that collect, process, store and provide as output the information needed to complete a business task.

Transaction Processing System(TPS) is a , computerized information system that were developed to process large amount of data for routine business transactions.


On March 6, 1984, a group of concerned parents and businessmen from Word for the World Christian Fellowship together with the Spiritual Director, Pastor Gerald L. Holloway and Mrs. Sue Holloway organized the International Christian Academy. The school, with a population of 134 students, started in 3 Humabon St.

Magallanes Village, Makati. In 1988, ICA took a giant step by transferring from Magallanes to Better Living in compliance with the requirements of DepEd for a complete elementary and secondary course. ICA stayed in Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque for three years and later decided to move to its present site at Lot 4504 Extra Ext. Fourth Estate Subdivision, Sucat, Paranaque City. Today, ICA is thrusting forward to produce God-fearing, Bible-believing and agents of change for glory of God.

International Christian Academy, Inc. (ICA) – is a school organized and founded by the Word for the World Christian fellowship and Christian parents in an attempt to put the Biblical principles of proverbs 22:16 into action! The goal of ICA is to provide the child with opportunities to attain a high level of academic excellence and to develop their character and personality in a totally Christian environment. To attain this goal of a Christ-centered education, ICA provides an excellent academic program while integrating basic Bible truths into the school’s learning process. Teachers are selected not only for their professional qualification but also for their love of children and their Christian experience and character. ICA has a full program for Preschool through High school. It offers basic skills instruction in Reading. Language, Arts, Math, Bible, Science, T.H.E, HELE, Computer Social Studies, Filipino, Music, Art and Physical education. The medium of instruction and communication is English, except in Filipino subject.

Christian perspective is applied to the careful selection of curricular materials. Materials currently used are A-Beka textbooks. A-Beka Curriculum is written on the premise that all truths come from God and that any teaching of man contrary to the teaching of the Word for the world of God should be rejected. In addition to giving a clear plan for teaching the Bible, A Beka curriculum provides the teacher with plans for teaching scripturally sound principles throughout the school day. ICA is fully recognized by the Department of Education. DepEd approved local materials are also used with integration of Biblical truths. A member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Whittier, and CA., U.S.A. since 1984, and the first Philippine Christian educational institution accredited by ACSI last February 2004.

Every child is nurtured in a loving and caring environment where the development of spiritual values and positive self-esteem is encouraged. The programs, while structured, are designed to allow freedom for creativity. Spiritual concepts are applied in the discipline process. In so doing, the school hopes to reinforce parental guidance and values. ICA is open to any student regardless of religion and of nationality as long as the parents of guardians adhere to the philosophy and standards of the school. Parents are encouraged to be involved in prayer groups, field trips, fund-raising activities, and many other activities of the school. The International Christian Academy as Ministry of Word for the World Christian Fellowship, aims to be the leading school of influence by pursuing and integrating spiritual growth and academic excellence for its students, faculty, and staff for the glory of God.


The International Christian Academy is committed to the service of educating children regardless of race and or background through the application of biblical principles to develop character and scholastic excellence, to raise Christian leaders who are mighty in spirit, followers of Jesus and able to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), to do greater works of service of good of all. The mission of ICA is summarized by the core values of the school, which may be reduced to basic areas of development: Christian Character, Academic Excellence, Christian Leadership, Christian Stewardship and Christian Service. We believe that each child is created in the image of God and therefore, a unique creation with his own individual character and unlimited potentials.

The apostle Paul declares in Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do works which God prepared in advance for us to do”. It is therefore the desire of ICA to develop children to their potentials in Christ in synergy with the family and the church. Ecclesiastes 4:12 state “cord of three strands is not quickly broken”. ICA seeks to serve as third strand, after the child’s own family and church in ensuring the child’s overall development, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and academically.

STEP ONE: Registrar’s Office/ Admissions Office
Submit the following requirements:
a. Birth Certificate with Registry Number/ Updated Passport b. Photocopy of the Report Card (F-138) with the latest grading period and conduct grades. c. Grade Requirements:
1. Grade: 80%
2. Deportment/Conduct Grade: B or 85%
Additional Requirements for foreign Students
a. of passport reflecting applicant’s valid stay(Present Original for verification and photocopy) b. All school must be in official English translation or Embassy Certificate

STEP TWO: Pay at the Cashier’s Office

STEP THREE: Fill out the Enrollment Form
a. Present the testing fee receipt
b. data must be accomplished properly
c. Only mother/ father is allowed to accomplish and sign the enrollment form d. For guardians – a written authorization or special power of Attorney (SPA) is required since students are minors.


STEP ONE: Registrar’s Office
a. Student is deemed enrolled if he/she has complied with the following requirements: b. 4 pcs. 1×1 latest picture colored/ black and white
c. Photocopy of Birth Certificate/ Updated Passport
d. Report card(F-138) duly signed by the Principal with promotion for the next higher grade level with dry seal. e. Letter of recommendation from:
a. Principal
b. Guidance Counselor(Grade 4 to High School)
c. Pastor

f. Medical Certificate
a. Pediatrician(Immunization report)
b. Eye Specialist/ Ophthalmologist
g. Signed and notarized Contract for Confirmation of Enrollment

A. Issuance of Assessment Form, List of school Supplies and of Local Text B. Receive Payment
C. Signs Admission Slip/ All payment forms
All documents for admission submitted to the school shall be part of the school records. An applicant shall be admitted only after he/she has complied with all the admission requirements and procedures prescribed by ICA. STEP THREE: Media Center

a. Issuance of A- Beka Books
b. Issuance of Local Textbook
c. Uniforms

A. Curriculum
ICA uses A-Beka and ACSI (Association of Christian schools International) curriculum and textbooks that are written on the premise that all TRUTH comes from God, and any teaching of man contrary to the teaching of the Word of God is not acceptable.

All DepEd Requirements are likewise incorporated.

B. Teachers
All ICA teachers are professionally qualified (as approved by the Department of Education) and are born- again Christians.

C. Grading
75% and above – Passed
Below 75% – Failed

School Attendance
A student who has incurred absences totaling to more than 20% of the required number of class and laboratory periods in a subject will not be given credit. He/she must repeat the subject during the regular school year.

Report cards (F-138 is issued every quarter). Parents are required to keep track of the scheduled distribution of cards.

A. Finance Office
Payments for all school and related fees must be made at the finance Office. The Cashier will issue receipts for all payments. B. Registrar’s Office
Custodian of all student records and academic documents.
C. Guidance Office
The guidance Programs help a student handle his school problems and help him develop towards fulfilling his potentials.


School Policies on Fees, Payments, Refund and Withdrawals.

1. Tuition & Other fees schedule are available at the Finance Office prior to and during the enrolment period. 2. Other fees for new students include new students fee, which is charged only on the first year of enrolment. 3. The school, through the finance Office, has devised the following payment plans(mode of payment) to help ease the financial burden on parents and guardians. a. Cash / Annual – Registration, tuition and other school fees(excluding books and uniforms) For the entire year are paid upon registration.

b. Semestral – registration, tuition & other school fees for the first semester are paid upon registration and tuition fees for the semester are paid on or before the specified date in October. c. Quarterly – Registration, tuition &other school fees for the first quarter are paid upon registration and tuition fees for the next quarters are paid on the specified dates July, October and January. d. Monthly – Registration, tuition and other school fees for the first month are paid upon registration and tuition fees for the next months are paid on or before the specified dates in July and January. 4. Graduation and culminating program fees for the 4th year High school, grade 7 and Senior Kinder are determined by the cost of materials.

5. Any certification requested from the Academics Office including the registrar’s and Guidance Office, is issued upon payment of a fee and after two (2) days from the date of request. 6. All financial matters specified by the Finance Office (thru the Cashier’s Office) are settled therein. 7. Students are reminded to keep their Official receipts for any payments made. 8. A monthly statement of accounts will be sent by the school. 9. Examination permits will be required for mid- quarter and quarter examinations. 10. School record will not be issued to students with unpaid accounts. 11. Enrolment for the following year will not be accepted until all outstanding accounts have been fully settled. 12. Students who lost or damaged textbooks, library books or other property and equipment are required to pay replacement costs.


Students enrolling at ICA are entitled to the following discount on tuition Fees (Students as identified from percentage of discount eldest to youngest);

1. 1st child – none
2. 2nd child – none
3. 3rd child – 25% of tuition fee
4. 4th child – 50% of tuition fee(also granted to Pastor’s kids) Schedule of fees, net of the above discounts, is available at the finance Office.


A. School Year
1. The school year opens as per DepEd calendar for the school yaer. 2. Excessive suspension of classes due to weather or unforeseen events could necessitate the need for additional “make up days” at the end of the school year/ or on selected Saturdays. 3. A school calendar indicating special holidays, quarterly exams, and on their information will be published annually,

1. School
a. Pre-school A.M. P.M. 1. Nursery 8:00 – 10:30 12:00 – 2:30 2. Junior Kinder8:00 – 11:00 12:00 – 3:00 3. Senior Kinder 8:00 – 11:00 12:00 – 3:00 b. Primary School

Grade 1-3 7:00 – 2:00
c. Middle School
Grade 4-7 7:00 – 2:50

2. ICA Employees
Official Time 7:00 – 4:00

A. Parameters of Evaluating a student’s Conduct
The following are to be considered in grading a student’s deportment: 1. Classroom Behavior – as observed by teachers, class monitor, and classmates. 2. Behavior outside the classroom but within school premises a. In the field assemblies and formations

b. In school programs
c. In the offices
d. In the canteen, library, AVR and other related venues
(At the gymnasium and parking areas)
3. Behavior outside school premises – as reported by supervising personnel and assigned student monitors. a. Educational fieldtrips, sseminars, etc
b. Outreach (interschool attendance, e.g. sports competitions, scholastic contest, in the school bus)



The study aims to design, develop, and implement a computer based enrollment system of International Christian Academy that will provide an efficient and convenient service to the clients. With the help of the system, the current flow of the transaction by the Institution will be more well – organized and uncomplicated for the ICA and clients.


To create a module that will monitor and maintain the records for International Christian Academy. With the help of the system ICA will be able to monitor and maintain the student’s information straight forward. The principal can easily trace specific student’s information in less time and effort whenever it is needed. It will be easy to access and find student’s information for some purposes. To design a module that will automatically generate reports for the International Christian Academy. With the help of the system the generation of reports by the personnel will be more accurate and will lessen time. A lot more job will be able to accomplish with the implementation of this advancement. To design and develop a system that will computerize the billing system of International Christian Academy.


International Christian Academy

The International Christian Academy will be the best beneficiary for this system. This system can make their enrollment more efficient.
The Proponents
This enrollment system will help students as well as the teachers to gain experience in programming and documenting this system.

Future Researcher
Since this documentation will be inherit by the school it will help the future students to gain knowledge and ideas in System Analysis Design.


1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The Scope enumerates each module within the system and under that explains the functions of each forms within each identified module, while the Limitations identifies system disadvantages or limits of the system capabilities.


User Module
A part of a module that is used for logging in and out of the system.

Maintenance Module
Manage User
A part of the system only used by the system administrator for adding, deleting and updating account holder information. Also provides the system administrator vital information regarding the system users such as the number of user level accounts, account holder personal information, account holder system access information. Other than the said module also contains the system settings.

File Module
-Shows the list of the deleted information in the registration module. Online Member/s
Shows the list of online members of the school.
Audit Trail
Shows the summary of the logins and logouts of the system(users, date, time) Admission Module
Form for the student’s profile
New student
Registering new and transferee students
Old student
Registering old student
Assessing and printing student’s tuition fee, subject, time, and teacher Cashiering Module
This module generates receipt for the paid students provided with student id number Refund
This module allows the user to view and print the refund request form. 0
Information system
Student information system
School information system
Mission and vision
0 Enrollment Requirements
0 Enrollment Procedure

Master list of Student
Viewing the list of the student to a specific subject.
Class Schedule
Viewing of the student time and room schedule in a specific subject Teacher Individual Schedule
In this module the teacher will have an account for to access and view the time schedule, room and subject. Security Module
Duplication of files to prevent data 1oss
Restore Database
Restoring of deleted files

System Lock
Locks the system for security purpose
Setting Module
System lock setting
-Lock the system for security purpose
Time and Date setting
Viewing and editing the time and date of the system window Module For setting the form position
Shortcut keys
Viewing of shortcut keys of the system for easy access
About us
Viewing of the system developer
About the System
Description of the system transaction


International Christian Academy is one of the private schools where thousands of students are enrolled. In most cases, they used manual method in their enrollment system. As a result they encountered unexpected problems like confuse and slow transaction. We decided to recommend a computer based enrollment system that enables the faculty and administration of the school to gain a good service for every student.

The general problem that the proponent had defined is how to design, develop and implement an Enrollment System of International Christian Academy (ICA) that will enhance the current flow of transaction of ICA that will provide an efficient and convenient service to the clients and institution. The current transaction by International Christian Academy is limited only to its office hours, from 7:00 am – 4:00 pm, in this concern; some important transaction such as inquiries, admission, assessment, and other transaction of the institution is only done during office hours.

In the enrollment system, registration, evaluation, assessment and payment of fees are included. This is a one step enroll process where on that day after you take your entrance exam, the complete information about your section and schedule will be given after the result of your entrance exam is released. The proponent decided to create this software using Visual basic 6.

It made the school works more efficient for students and provided path to communicate to entire earth. Nowadays, computer based system is commonly used by every company and institution and one of this is the computerized enrollment system. Computerized Enrollment system is the must have system in a school. It is a convenient way of storing and retrieving information of a student that provides more easy way in enrolling.

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