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A Personality Who’s Perfect for Me

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Lauren Psychology 2301 May 1, 2010 Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging (ENTJ) This entj personality actually fits me perfectly. I find myself as a leader I like to be in charge of things and I have a good personal strength to do so. When I was in a relationship with my boyfriend I always took charge and made the plans and always said what was on my mind regardless of how I thought it would make him feel. As you can tell from that I am very straight forward with what I say.

In that relationship I put in my all to make sure everything would work out for the very best.

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A Personality Who’s Perfect for Me
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When I’m challenged with a certain task that either makes me feel uncomfortable or nervous I tend to get real argumentative. I make excellent grades in school and am in NHS, this spot is held for people like me that take pride in what they do. I have extremely high standards and expectations for myself.

I’m fair minded and like to do what is right. In my household of six people I am told to be the most efficient when dealing with money, I can see where there coming from when they say this too.

Whenever someone tells me I can’t do something I love to prove them wrong. I tend to take criticism very well although I think about what that person said awhile after. When my parents tell me that I need to get something done I take on the responsibility to make sure it happens, I never let them down. Whenever I start on something I am very dedicated to it I never stop until I finish it. I’m not one to just let things fall apart. I always try my hardest to make things so perfect and I never quit until I think it is.

When I am in a relationship and that guy seems like he is all into me and gives me every reason for me to believe he is I’m the type of girl that will fall hard. Normally when there is a lot of chaos in a room I’m one to jump right in and give instructions on how I think things should get done doing it my way. I make decisions in the spur of the moment I don’t like to drag things out so I make things interesting by just making a quick and decisive. I don’t really count on other people to get me through things because in the end I’m going to do what I want to do regardless if that’s what they think I should do or not.

I love learning from my mistakes it makes me a stronger person, and not only that but I take what I’ve learned from my mistakes and use it to solve the struggles I may encounter. I just love when people listen to what I have to say and give me feedback. I hate being wrong I have to be right 100% of the time or I will go insane. Some of these attributes however, are not so good. I’m all about myself that I get so caught up in not even wanting to pay any attention to anyone else’s problems.

I always say what is on my mind and this is real bad problem especially because I don’t think about others feelings. The way I like to take control of things people may take the wrong way and may become intimidated by me. If I am really unhappy about something I tend to shut everything and everyone out and that is horrible. When I have a lot on my mind I become real irritable and harp at anyone that tries to talk to me. I’m not one to just give someone praise for their good deeds, I’d rather it be all about me.

I have the tendency to be very controlling of others and I can lose friends that way. Because I have high standards and expectations these things can bring me down because if I think too highly of something and don’t get it then that will bring me down. Me being very confident in what I do and what I can do may come off as very cocky to others. Liking to talk as much as I do can be a burden to tons of other people. I love to express myself in very random and outgoing ways; I don’t like to hold myself back from something when I know it is everything I want.

Being as strong willed of a person like I am can be kind of intimidating and result to me having no friends. This personality fits me so good. I’m a very straight forward person that likes to get things accomplished and don’t stop till I see that they are done. This personality fits me in all areas. It also said that one of the preferred jobs for an ENTJ personality was being a lawyer and that is exactly what I want to be when I get older, without a doubt, and I’m going to see that no one gets in my way.

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