The Perfect Winter Weather

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The weather of an environment affects more than just the color of the skin. It also affects other features like the nose, body size, etc.

A few months ago we moved to Hollywood Florida from New York. The reason was – the perfect weather in the winter so we can spend a lot of time outside. Whether it’s an ocean, pool or playground; the winter in New York is chilly. But you can’t imagine how chilly in Siberia where I am originally from. Snowing since October till April or even May. It’s a totally different lifestyle. Is anybody here from somewhere with cold weather? How you girls deal with going outside with your kids? Probably getting ready is the hardest part?

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Losing the Pregnancy Weight

Before and after it is a very normal thing to gain weight during pregnancy, considering you’re now feeding for two. Most times to lose it becomes very difficult. I suggest exercise and diet but trust me it’s not easy.

Before my pregnancy, I looked awesome. Seriously, my body was amazing. I went to yoga till 7 months and then I was barely walking, my belly was too big and I had pelvic girdle pain. I gained 70 lb. during my pregnancy!!!! It is 33 kg. And the most of it I gained in the last two months. It has been 11 months since I got Milana and I almost lost all my gained weight. I cut sugar consumption right after pregnancy for a month and I lost a lot. Also walking at least one hour per day and breastfeeding got my calories. I am too exhausted and don’t really have time to go to the gym. What about you? Have you gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy? How did you deal with it after? Are there any easy ways? Lol

The Journey of Motherhood

A child brings forth a lot of responsibility. Indeed babies are blessings but these blessings can also bring headaches but yet the love is what keeps the mother going.

I was a perfect mom before I got a baby. I am serious. I was thinking that a baby only brings joy and happiness. I was in heaven when I got pregnant. Nothing would make me angry or sad. Since Milana was born I didn’t have a chance to sleep 3 hours straight without waking up. Firs three months were the hardest in my life. She was crying a lot and it made me anxious. I felt depressed. I was disappointed by myself, I felt guilty. “My life has changed and I don’t belong to myself anymore” I couldn’t accept this for a while. We see beautiful pictures on Instagram how mommies look beautiful and happy with their newborns. And if something different in our life, we are judging ourselves, because we should feel the same. But a beautiful picture and reality are two different things. I don’t look like on my pictures every day. It is just a good photo, but behind the scene is another life where I feel tired, week and upset. What are your struggles?

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