Literature Review of the Inheritance Cycle


Eragon- Eragon is a teenage boy, the protagonist from the Inheritance Cycle. He was born and raised in the village of Carvahall, near the Spine. His mother is dead. He lives with his cousins father, Garrow, and his cousin, Roran. While he hunted in the Spine, he found a blue dragon egg. The dragon hatches and he keeps it in the forest near him.

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Saphira- Saphira is the blue dragon egg that Eragon found in the Spine. She was born from an egg stolen by the Varden from the evil king and was kept hidden for a long time until Eragon had found her. He raised her from a baby in which she grew fast. She communicates with Eragon after they had first touched. She is a calm down to earth female dragon who is always watching out for eragon. They had became very close friends in their journeys together. Roran- Roran is the son of Garrow and Eragons cousin. Roran grew up in Carvahall with Eragon. He is often very headstrong. Arya- Arya is the mysterious elf that Eragon rescues from Durza, and later falls in love with.She is the one responsible for keeping Saphiras egg safe.

She is most accomplished at magic and no beginner when it comes down to fighting for her life. She has proven herself to be a good friend of Eragon. Galbatorix- Galbatorix is the antagonist of the story. He is also a dragon rider.His dragons name is Shruiken which he controls with his dark magic. He is the ruler of Alagaesia and also a tyrant over all the people. He had an evil deed to kill all but the last three dragon eggs in Alagaesia. In the end Eragon would have to kill him. Setting

The overall setting of the book “Eragon” is Alagaesia. Alagaesia is broken down into smaller areas such as the Spine, Hadarac Desert, Teirm, Carvahall, Helgrind, Farthen Dur, Surda, and several others. It is afictional world, but the time is similar to our middle ages. There is no electricity, people live in villages, food is grown or hunted, and travel is mainly on foot or
by horseback.

Plot Summary

The story starts off with Eragon, an orphaned boy living with his uncle and cousin, finds a blue sapphire rock in the Spine. When he brings it home he realizes that the stone is a dragon egg, and a bond is formed between Eragon and the little dragon. After asking Brom, the storyteller of Carvahall, about dragons, Eragon names the dragon Saphira. Soon after Saphira matures and learns the language used by Eragon, Raz’zac sent by the Empire come to the village to kill or capture Saphira, but Saphira drags Eragon to safety. Soon his home is destroyed and his uncle has been murdered. This would starts his journey of revenge against the Raz’zac accompanied by Brom, who teaches him many things about being a Dragon Rider and how to battle. Throughout the journey, Brom dies from a poisoned knife thrown by the Raz’zac and Murtagh, a man after the Raz’zac as well, saves Eragon from a similar fate of death.

Together, they rescue a female elf named Arya of which Eragon dreamed of and through her instructions reach the Varden, a band of rebels against the Emperor Galbatrix. During his stay, the Empire sends Kulls to assault the Boer Mountains which, the Varden are stationed in lead by Durza, the Shade, the own that imprisoned Arya and prosecuted Eragon across the lands of Alagaesia. A furious battle takes place and ends with the death of the Shade Durza by the hands of Eragon, but not before Durza gives a crushing blow to Eragon’s back. As Eragon begins to slip out of consciousness, he hears a message from the Cripple Who Is Whole asking him to seek him after he awakes, Eragon agrees and shortly after, blacks out.


There are several conflicts in the book but the main conflict in the book “Eragon” is the external conflict between Eragon and the evil tyrant king Galbotrix who battle each other in the end.


The climax would be the major battle under the mountain Farthen Dur. During the climax, Eragon kills Durza and frees all the urgals, who then proceed to kill eachother, which gave the Varden a victory against Galbatorix.


The unanswered question at the end of the book would have to be if Eragon will listen to the stranger who called to him telephathically to train in Elesmera, the elven capital city and will he get his revenge on Durza?


I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an imaginary escape. It is a very good book which has a series of four books so you will have alot of unanswered questions until you have read them all. The book could have been better if Eragon killed Durza instead of Durza escaping in the end of the book.

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