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The trail of tears clearly explained how much pain the Native Americans went through. This are the collected routes which the USA government used to forcefully move the Native Americans from their traditional homes to the Indian Territories. During this process of movement, many of the Native American suffered, died from exposed diseases, bullets because they were forced to move from their normal used homes to the very extreme weather/environment. Even though the American native were tortured, lost their loved ones and their properties when being moved, they still maintained their cultures and traditions to the west side where they were able to rebuild their new homes and settled down with their own Government.

“Sam Houston was born in Rockbridge County in Virginia in 1793”. He served in the government of Tennessee as a Congressman and a Governor where he resigned after his wife run away and he was caught with scandals. He moved to Texas in 1832, where he joined the fight of the Mexico and the United States Governments and became the Texas local general commander of army. He was elected as a Texas Senator after the Texas annexation and later won a Governor seat where he was thrown out of power after he refused “to pledge his allegiance to the Confederate States of America”. He died at the age of 70years in 1863.

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The phrase Manifest Destiny was first used in 1845 by “John O’Sullivan meaning that Americans are destined by God”. This means that the Americans are then pillar of the Nation at large, because it is a civilized and it has every opportunity to hold the Nation accountable by spreading democracy to all Americans.

This phrase Manifest Destiny played a good role by helping the United States to expand most of the territories and enlightened the poor country. This affected some of the Native Americans when the expansion was being made and they were moved away and the Mexicans attacked the Americans because of disagreements and mistreatment.

Bank of America was the first bank of the United States which was established in 1791 by alexander Hamilton mainly to keep the money which at that time known as golds and silvers because all were coins and there were no paper monies as we do nowadays. They preferred to keep their golds in the bank because it was safer that keeping them in their homes and every state has one and there were 13 states that time.

“This bank acted as a tax revenue collector, making loan to the Government, federal government’s fiscal agent, transferring deposits through the bank’s branch network and paying the government’s bills”. The bank of America was financially stable and large, so it was acting as a business bank because it was providing loans to any other bank in the country and the banknotes which they were proving after you deposit your money to the bank were being accepted everywhere for shopping.

American colonization was an organization which was formed in 1816 by Robert Finley to gradually removed or send the slaves back to Africa to settle there because he thought that the quality of life to the American is poor together with the African slaves. They did this so that they can call it to an end to slavery and racial discrimination. The white American wanted to do away with the Black Americans by sending them back to Africa where they came from because they didn’t wanted to share foods, houses and jobs with them. We nowadays thinks that America is the land of sugar and honey but in the real since it was not.

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