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The Five stages of Mason’s Hierarchy of Needs are Spies-Esteems Needs, Bemoaning Needs, Safety and Protection Needs, Physical Needs for Survival, and Self Actualization Needs. These needs range from refining talents to valuing and respecting ourselves and others, to belonging and social needs, to safety needs, and finally, physical needs for survival. These needs apply to everyone and continue throughout life. In the movie 12 Angry Men,” Juror number eight, Davis, has the best critical thinking skills as he thoroughly examines the evidence and does his own research. On the other hand, Juror number three has the worst critical thinking skills as he makes decisions based on his personal views and prejudices.”

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Five stages of Mason’s Hierarchy of Needs :Spies-Esteems Needs :Bemoaning Needs :Safety and Protection Needs :Physical Needs for Survival Self Actualization Needs we need to refine talents we already developed to some degree , Self Esteem Needs which involve valuing and respecting ourselves by others the process continues throughout life. Belonging Needs the third level in Mascots Hierarchy is belonging or social needs we won’t other’s company, acceptance, and affirmation.

Safety Needs we also meet feet needs through communication as for everyone if got a leak in my home would tell my land lord about it only for me and my family safety needs. Physical Needs to survive air, food ,sex as in we need air to breath food to survive all of these things are dealing with physical needs. Belonging needs and Self-esteem needs applies to me belonging need applies to me by interacting and getting along with others and in a have a belonging need with my family as in communicating with them and by interacting with them on certain occasions as in sometimes not all the time.

Self Esteem applies to me cause I respect people treat others the way they treat me and in life you have to learn how to get along and deal with others as in Respecting them that play a big part in my life as well. Try my best to respect everyone cause I won’t everyone to respect me. 12 Angry Men The character that has the best critical thinking is Davis which was juror number eight. Davis looked through the case in every spectrum, he went to the young man neighbor hood to check out what kind of environment he was living in he basically did his own research as well as looking through all the evidence that they had.

Davis even went and brought and knife that was supposed to be one of a kind that no one else could buy so that made him think something was wrong right there. The character with the worst critical thinking was juror number the ere. Every decision he ever made was from his point of view which was personal views. Juror number three had a problem against little kids and that’s because.

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