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Benefits of plastic surgery

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The Benefits of Plastic Surgery for Teenagers Stephanie Kerr The Benefits Of Plastic Surgery for Teenagers Plastic surgery to the public, especially to young adolescence, is influenced by celebrities and the media so one could look a certain way. Today. Teenagers all over the world who feel insecurely about themselves Will take drastic measures to physically change the way they look to emotionally balance their self. Esteem. Cosmetic surgery for young adolescence teenagers can be beneficial: however there are only a few circumstances here plastic surgery can be justified as a medical necessity.

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Benefits of plastic surgery
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Breast reduction is a common form of plastic surgery in heavier set bodied teenagers; a lot of female youth aged 15-19 want this surgery due to sexist name calling. Physical discomfort from lower back pain and poor posture, and also self-conscious reasons like not being TABLE to play certain active sports or even find clothes to fit right. One manacle from the People’s Magazine, Pam (2010) wrote that a-Lankan Olson was “one Of the top varsity runners:’ (p.

Al. Lower back hurt so bad couldn’t sleep,” _ Olson signed up last year with

Billings, Montћ surgeon Alan Musket to take her breasts down to a 340. ‘ “AS soon as I woke up, could breathe easier says Hannah Olson (Pam, 2010, p. I)” The follow up with Hannah was that she is doing better than ever, she continues long runs, coaches dancing and even mentioned that she went bra shopping now that she has fashionTABLE options as opposed to Overly large basic bras. Nevertheless it is important to research options for cosmetic surgery such as questions to ask the physician and to explore benefits for one’s specific reasons. A few positive reasons for instance. Breast cancer survivor had breast reconstruction after a mastectomy procedure which made her feel better about her body. Women that have this unfortunate disease get implants for many reasons such as to make their chest look balanced when they are wearing a bra or a swim suit. To permanently regain their breast shape. And so that they don’t need to use a form Of external prosthesis that fits inside the bra. It can be very tough on people who go through a hard stage like this in life, feeling like you Me lost a piece of yourself mentally and physically and not just on the patient, but loved ones as well dealing With all the distress.

Most females that undergo breast reconstruction are skeptical because in their minds its believed the procedure will implicate cancer recurrence but one article from LISA today Magazine wrote movement interested in immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy should not worry that their implants could cause, hinder detection of, or affect treatment of cancer recurrence, stresses a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Arlington Heights.

Recurrence. ” 2005. P. 1}’ Breast reconstruction has an important role to play in helping many women move on from breast cancer, so it is vitally important that woman are offered a service to help them need their needs. All in all, plastic surgeons like to introduce the idea of prosthetics to cancer survivors which will diminish self- esteem issues dealing With changes in their appearance.

Some forms Of prosthesis, which would be offered could be external form of a breast that sits inside the bra to make the breast look fuller or it could be a permanent arm which ends up being a bit more cost effective like breast reconstruction, also known as breast implants Which is most popular. On the Other hand there are certain stipulations that plastic surgery needs to be carefully regulated, always take that into consideration. With this in mind, another article related to this point.

TWO students writing for their school paper distinguish ere pros and cons to teenage plastic surgery leading with good perspectives of the surgery. The authors spoke their opinion on the subject which was. “plastic surgery should be an option for anyone mature enough to Andre life-changing decisions, but keep In mind surgery during the teenage Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that in the year 2007 more than 87,000 teenagers had cosmetic plastic surgery; the majority or them were nose jobs (All & Lam, 2008).

The authors who wrote the article “Teens under the Knife” being teens themselves quoted that “In our society, self-esteem is essential. Rather than force someone to remain self- conscious about that imperfect nose, that person should have the option Of plastic surgery (All & Cam, 2008, p. He idea that plastic surgery can cause potential harm due to the fact that most teenagers who want to undergo these procedures haven’t completely matured in their bodies development.

Leading back or the first article in the Peoples Magazine a young teenager named Jean aged 15 had plastic surgery done to her nose because she felt she didn’t have a better sense of herself, felt depressed and overwhelmed with the amount of makeup she used to cover her face to make the nose kick narrower. Jean quoted “she was emotionally ready’ (Pam, 201 0, p. )’ Jean booked an appointment to have the procedure done with New York City surgeon Sam Risk to tweak her nose.

Once completed she spoke on how she felt “I’m more comforTABLE With myself now, happier and confident,” And I have so many more pictures Of myself on Face book (Pam, 2010, p. L In summary to all that has been said, Plastic surgery to the public, especially to young adolescence, is influenced by celebrities and the media so one could kick a certain way. Today, teenagers all over the world Who feel insecurely about themselves will take drastic measures to physically change the way hey look to emotionally balance their self esteem.

Cosmetic surgery for young adolescence teenagers can be beneficial, but there are only a few circumstances where plastic surgery can be justified as a medical necessity, it also can be carried out to improve one’s appearance which could benefit overall quality of life.

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