Plastic Surgery Essay

The need to improve our physical appearance did not come from yesterday and one of the most common ways of doing that is to resort to plastic surgery - Plastic Surgery Essay introduction. In this essay, it will be question of the history of plastic surgery, the techniques and finally examples of other alterations of the body and the reasons why people are doing it. The first plastic surgeries that was reported took place in ancient India in 600 B. C. and were performed by a man named Sushruta. He reconstructed noses of criminals, which were amputated as punishment, by using their forehead skin.

This technique was also used in India to repare noses of women who were beaten by their husbands. But it would not be until the Renaissance (in 1597 precisely) that the first textbook about plastic surgery would be written by the surgeon Gaspare Tagliacozzi. It was during the First World War that plastic surgery really made its first big improvement. To help soldiers who were disfigured by a bomb or a bullet, some « plastic surgery units » were created. Also, a lot of text book were written not long after the First World War.

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There was a new conception developped in the 1920’s about plastic surgery : « improving facial features rather than contending with deformities » and was started by Fanny Brice, an American actress, who got her nose changed . But between that time and today, there as been a big improvment in the variety of plastic surgeries and the techniques. During the last decades, there has been an explosion of new kinds of plastic surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentation or breast reduction, facelift, eyelid or rhinoplasty.

Those operations cost between 2000 to 5000 $ US in 1999. Before, operations were very painful. A lot of bleeding was frequent and hospitalization often lasted for more than a week because of infections or other complications. Now, plastic surgeries are safer. It is most of the time painless and patients can go home the same day. It is all due to new techniques like lasers. Lasers have many uses in today’s plastic surgery, like for the treatment of varicose veins, for example. They also have replaced chemical peeling and dermabrasion for facial resurfacing.

Even if the recovery could be irritating, it is usually not painful and experts consider it to be the safest and most effective technique. Lasers also have other purposes such as removing brown spots and tattoos. But surgery is not the only way to change our physical appearance. In fact, there is plenty of examples throughout the time that people have wanted to change their appearance. In China, not a long time ago, mothers bound their daughters’ feet so that it can stay very small.

Also, in Africa, women in some tribes add a new neckless around their neck every year, so they have a neck that is 3 or 4 times longer than usual. Another alteration of the body is the scarcification. Scarcification is a drawing on the skin made by a knife or something cutting. It heals and the skin keeps the skar like it is. But what are the reasons why all kind of people ( men, women, teenagers, celebrities,… ) are going for plastisc surgery There are a lot of good answers to that question.

Some people want to improve their confidence in themselves, others want reassurance or to look younger. Some women also want to feel more feminine or sexier while others only want to fill out their cklothes. There are usually 3 kinds of patients : those who are happy with their self-image and who want to change one characteristic of their appearance bothering them, patients with a physical flaw which reduces their self-confidence and patients with deformities caused by a medical condition.

For those last patients, there are some non-profit organisations like freshstart and interplast that provide free reconstructive surgeries for poor children around the world. Finally, even if it has been proven that people happy with their self-image are more comfortable in life and more effective at work, plastic surgery does not solve all the problems and some people may be desappointed by the results because of that.

In conclusion, from the history of plastic surgery to the new techniques, the other ways used to alter the body and the reasons why, we’ve learnt that people of all times and of all kinds have used plastic surgery to change their appearance. To finish, can you guess what was the most popular plastic surgery in U. K. in 1999 If you said breast augmentation, you’re wrong ! Liposuction was the most popular with over than 9,300 operations compare to 8,000 breast implants

Plastic Surgery Essay

Speech Exploration of Sides of a Topic: Plastic surgery risks Thesis statement: People that desire plastic surgery should research the doctor and risks of their procedure before submitting to surgery - Plastic Surgery Essay introduction. Whether or not you think it is right to go under the knife, you must admit it is pretty fascinating what doctors can do in the present day.

Content Introduction & Conclusion Points (**check different order for conclusion): I. Need Interest = (Different Audiences (for, against, undecided); For: Those of you that are for it should know that it can be helpful for those that feel the need to change some appearance on their body, but not doing research can result in unsatisfied patients’ outcomes, possibly paying far too much, and having problems with it in the future Against: If you are against it, think about it in a way that some people do it for self fulfillment. They do it for themselves to feel better about their looks, a lot of people don’t agree with that though., Some say those people are fake, but what if you broke your nose in a sport and it changed the entire appearance but had an option to fix it? I feel like most of you would say yes to fixing it. Undecided: Some say their lives are saved or changed because of surgery. They say they get treated differently by close friends or family and even complete strangers. It can be a great idea for someone that is self conscious with their looks, but could end badly if you do not research. There are doctors that are better than others, and some that charge an arm and a leg for any procedure. If you are going to get something as permanent and serious as plastic surgery, make sure you do your homework so you don’t end up looking worse than when you started. There are lots of success stories, but also many horror stories.

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II. Specific Appeals (Best Action Step, Next Best Action, or at Least Do This Last Action Step ; We all want to be comfortable with ourselves, while some can live with their looks, others cannot and want change. Altering an appearance can be life changing in a really good, or really bad way. Surgery can easily vanish about ten years off someone’s face if done right, but if done incorrectly it could make someone’s face look like a Barbie doll and completely fake. Also lip enhancements sometimes are done too big and people look ridiculous.

III. Personal Benefits (Personal Motivators to get this audience to select an action step from II Appeals); If there is something you dislike about your looks or you scramble your face in an accident you can easily get it fixed. There is pretty much no limit to what you can make yourself look like. Some surgeries aren’t as noticeable but some are drastic.

IV. Personal Credibility (Personal Experience; Personal Observation of Others; and, Research Done)
I have a cousin that got a nose job which is called Rhinoplasty and she is so happy with how she looks. She had broken her nose many times in soccer and other sports so when she was old enough her parents let her straighten out her crooked nose into the beautiful straight one she remembered from before her athletic days. She also models so she is more comfortable doing her work knowing she doesn’t have to worry about how her nose looks in pictures. Her self confidence has gone up and not even too many people noticed she had work done. She researched a good doctor that had a good reputation and saw a lot of pictures of previous noses he had reconstructed.

V. Preview or review of main points of the Body of the Speech (Based on the One Method Selected Below) Getting surgery is a permanent change so first and foremost you have to be 100% sure it is what you want. You need to also do a lot of research and ask around for a good surgeon that will give you your money’s worth and do a great job. Sometimes it turns our badly and can cause problems later on, so before you commit do research on risks of the procedure you will be getting.

-$10,677,415,674 that Americans spent on cosmetic procedures in 2010 (Winfrey, 2011)

-91% of cosmetic surgical procedures done on women in 2010 (Winfrey, 2011)

-20,680 chin augmentations in 2011 among men and women(American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2011) So many people get work done that it is becoming casual to do things that were unheard of before, for example getting your chin done and spending all of your hard earned money on making your appearance more desirable. It helps with aging or even the shape of the jaw line but if done wrong can become a nightmare and you will be worse off than when you started. Those that didn’t do enough research could end up with their implant moving, infection, loss of feeling, damaged teeth, blood clots, pain that doesn’t go away, and the list goes on. (New York Times, 2012)

Content/Evidence: (One Method Selected—Reasons; Negative Reasons; Problem=Solution; Comparative Advantage; or Criteria Method)
Positive Stories:
-People that need surgery for example obese patients get it and it becomes a life saver. Some people risk death because of a weight issue and surgery helps them start over with a healthy life. (Higuera, 2006)

Negative Stories:
-20 percent of women that get breast implants have to get them removed within ten years because of rupture, hardening of the tissue around the implant, or other complications according to the FDA (Winfrey, 2011) -Many women and young girls are preoccupied with negative feelings about their body image, 2/3 of patients have been repeat patients because they become obsessed with the idea of becoming pretty at the prick of a needle or slit of a knife. (Higuera, 2006)

—-Main Points of Body of Speech Based on the One Method Selected from Above:

Examples and stories: Some doctors just want the business but some actually are personal and get to know the patients. Women think they owe it to their kids and husband to look their best and that it doesn’t hurt despite what others say. There have been many women saying that it was “every penny worth it” because they have the money to do it and feel they might as well look the best they can. They wrote a story on 2 older women getting facelifts that were completely healed and at their Saturday brunch in just 2 weeks showing off their beautiful new faces.(Fane, 2011)

– Americans had 13.8 million cosmetic procedures, the majority of which were minimally invasive procedures, such as Botox injections. (Myhealthnewsdaily Staff, 2011)

-318,123 breast implant surgeries performed in 2010

-2,414 of those surgeries performed on patients 65 and older (Winfrey, 2011)

Testimony: “Every dollar worth” was said by many people getting it done. You can be a whole new you, the you that you have always dreamed about for a small fortune. Research is key, getting a doctor that makes personal relationships is better than one that just wants your business.

Definitions: *none needed*

Sources for this information:
Winfrey, O. (2011, November). Plastic surgery statistics . Retrieved from

Fane, S. (2001, December 09). Denver business journal- two women’s plastic surgery success stories. Retrieved from American Society of Plastic Surgeons. (2011). 2011 plastic surgery procedural statistics. Retrieved from Myhealthnewsdaily staff. (2011, November). 9 interesting plastic surgery facts. Retrieved from New York Times. (2012, November 02). Health guide- chin augmentation. Retrieved from Higuera, V. (2006, August 18). Plastic surgery addiction. Retrieved from

I need to find the following information:
More information on specific risks for specific surgeries
How often they actually “go wrong”
How to tell if a doctor is credible

Content of my power point slides:
Slide 1: Title Slide
Slide 2: Intro slide: For/Against/Undecided
Slide 3: The Problems
Slide 4: Pictures of good and bad surgery incidents
Slide 5: The solution
Slide 6: Conclusion
Slide 7: Works Cited

Visuals of my power point slides:
-Pictures of good and bad examples of surgery
-Possible video of someone effected by surgery good or bad

Experiences which will involve the audience and help them learn: Personal experience with self, friends and family.

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