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Cliff notes on fahrenheit 451

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When this book was written in 1 953 dogs were used as rescuers for firemen and to sniff out people who were in trouble. When the hound is described as “a good rifle that can fetch its own target and guarantees the bull’s-eye every time”, Ray Bradbury shows that in the future the hound will be so reliTABLE that it cannot fail. When the hound “doesn’t think what we don’t want it to think” the author shows that the government has full control over the hound and who they send it to kill.

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Cliff notes on fahrenheit 451
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The hound is seen as prophetic by Ray Bradbury because today in society dogs are used in law enforcement for sec ritzy sweeps and to sniff out criminals on the run. The Green bullet represents rogue communication in the future between people, without others knowing or detecting it. Faber gives Montage the bullet so they can communicate with each other from long distances. When Faber says, “If you put it in your ear, Montage, I can sit comfortably home, warming my frightened bones, and hear and analyze the fireman’s world, find its weaknesses, without danger.

I’m the queen bee, safe in the hive…. The author explains the way the bullet functions. When “l hear you” is said by Montage it shows that Montage can also respond back to Faber. Ray Bradbury uses his prophetic psyche once again and shows how in the future there will be rogue communication. The Green Bullet is seen as prophetic by Ray Bradbury because in society today we use technology like this called an earpiece or a wire. The porTABLE TV represents the new way of watching entertainment on the go. When “Granger nodded to a porTABLE battery TV’ the author introduces the porTABLE TV.

As Granger tells Montage ‘We’ve attached the chase” the author is showing how the porTABLE TV’s will be used. Montage and the hobos watched the chase on the porTABLE TV. This represents how most people are going to view entertainment in the future instead of rushing home to watch their favorite shows. The author predicts that most people will transition to this method. The porTABLE TV is seen as prophetic by Ray Bradbury because even though porTABLE TV’s are no longer in common use people view entertainment through cell phones and other porTABLE devices. Today our lives revolve roar ND technology.

Technological advances like the Green Bullet and the porTABLE TV have come to be just like Ray Bradbury predicted. The Green Bullet is basically the present day ear piece that is used with cell phones. As mentioned previously the porTABLE TV is no longer in common use, but people use cell phones or other porTABLE devices to watch television. Even though there is not a present day Mechanical Hound to some extent society do use dogs in law enforcement to track down criminals. So basically vivo of Ray Bradbury predictions were spot on were as the one on mechanical hounds was a little far-fetched.

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