Fahrenheit 451 – Creative Writing

The modern, fast and impersonal society of the past is now gone. Montag, the hobos, and I have founded a new, better and smarter society.In this society, we are all treated with respect, unlike the old society, where no one had any respect for anyone.

We must think a lot here, and are forced to, as we must, now, form a new world for whom there is left. The hobos and I are freer here and can live, the live we want to. Our society is not a rushed, impersonal, automated world, where no one is happy. It is full of joy, gossip and fun.

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We have evening meetings by the fire, where we recite books and tell stories. Our relationship to each other is greatly valued, like nothing else.The society we live in is like one whole family. People are treated like they should, and given what they need- honestly and love.

In our society, there is plenty to keep everyone fulfilled. We are confident in the ultimate triumph of reason and the strength of the human spirit. The houses and huts we live in, are lighted, unlike the dull, gloomy houses of our past. The treatment of people in our society is greatly appreciated.

In this society we memorize books and treat them with care and respect. I am David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. Instead, of burning books, we memorize our books. As we get older, we pass our books to our children and young ones.

A book will never be taken away from our minds, like in the past, where they were taken from our homes. We treat books with respect. After all, there is a man behind each book. The people in the old society were forced to think.

For example, they were taught and told that books only contained rubbish and were full of non-sense. In our society, we know what is really in books and the beauty of them.In our society, war is something we strongly dislike. War is the hatred between one another.

It is morally wrong. In the past society, war was always around. It stressed and made people unhappy, as jet bombers rocketed over their homes. The people all knew that the war was going to start; it was just a matter of days.

Look what happened to their society, it was destroyed by a war. We try not to imagine about war, as in our society nothing like that will happen. War is evitable, but hated.My role in our society is to memorize David Copperfield by Charles Dickens.

Granger, is the head of our society. I am the head of, one of the ten huts. I am responsible for what happens in that particular hut and for organizing special events, like bingo or ‘fire side’ tales. We are all part of a nationwide network of ‘book-lovers’ who have memorized many great works of literature.

We had hoped to be of some help to mankind in the aftermath of the war. It turned out there were few survivors. The roles in our society are crucial to our survival.The old, controlled, impersonal and complex society of the past is gone.

A new society has formed with the remaining survivors and hobos. The society is something like no other…

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