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Color Theory: The Importance of Visible Light and Color in the Plant Kingdom




Words: 967 (4 pages)

Color Theory             Visible light and color undoubtedly influence and affect living things, ranging from plants, animals to assorted microorganisms. Indeed, virtually every species in the plant kingdom thrives on visible light and is inhibited by infrared and ultraviolet energy. Infrared and ultraviolet at either end of the spectrum, plus the colors located within the…

Indifference vs Hatred



Social Issues

Words: 725 (3 pages)

No Results Indifference is a lack of interest, in other words, it means to be neutral. Elli Wishes wrote, “indifference is always the friend of the enemy, for it benefits the aggressor- never his victim”, and “for the person who is indifferent, his or her neighbor are of no consequence”. Anger is the emotion of…

Normative Development of Physical Aggression


Words: 1221 (5 pages)

The central objective of Naerde, Ogden, Janson & Zacharisson’s 2014 study, Normative Development of Physical Aggression (PA), was to expand the amount of research in the literature on physical aggression in infants and toddlers. The major research question was, “What is the normative development of physical aggression in children ranging from 8-26 months?” However, in…

Analysis of Aggressive and Nonaggressive Passenger Encounters


Words: 424 (2 pages)

In “Ticket Inspectors in Action: Body-Worn Camera Analysis of Aggressive and Nonaggressive Passenger Encounters,” Friis et al. (2020) shed some light on how behaviors during encounters can lower victimization risks while on the job. The study was conducted in Denmark where passengers aboard the public transport system are required to purchase a ticket to ride…

Stockholm Syndrome



Social Issues

Words: 647 (3 pages)

Stockholm syndrome derives its name from a 1973 incident at Kreditbanken in Stockholm, Sweden. In this event, four bank employees were held hostage by two robbers from August 23 to 28. Surprisingly, the captors developed an emotional bond with their victims and even protected them. Presently, this syndrome is recognized as a psychological reaction to…

Predict Aggression Impulses and Aggressive Behavior



Words: 1234 (5 pages)

Taking the quiz was fairly easy because I have been citing things in papers for quite some time, but there were still some things that surprised me. For example, the question that asked about Wikipedia and if it needed to be cited; I went back and forth debating whether is was important or not because…

Bully Is Always a Coward



Social Issues

Words: 660 (3 pages)

Sabrina Lall is furious and devastated about the murder of her sister, Jessica Lall, who was a respected barmaid in India. Sabrina claims that a man, who was already drunk with power because he possessed a gun and driven by greed, is to blame for Jessica’s death. This heartbreaking event happened when Jessica declined to…

Fostering Aggression to Establish Dominance Hierarchies


Words: 441 (2 pages)

The theory of sexual selection focuses on evolution and adaptive behavior (Copping, 2017). Copping (2017) believes that this theory stems from the differences in reproduction between males and females: “Males must compete for access to females, fostering aggression to establish dominance hierarchies, suppressing challengers, and removing threats to reproductive success. For males struggling to access…

Mriduna Darunam Hanti: Translation of Mahabharata Verses



Mahatma Gandhi

Words: 1931 (8 pages)

Thus, the verse aims to suggest that we can win over hatred through love ND love and compassion is a far superior force than hatred and aggression. History Is replete with Instances of politeness and non-violence winning over aggression and cruelty. The biggest example that comes to my mind is the Stationary movement by Gandhi….

Assault and Battery



Criminal Justice

Words: 1460 (6 pages)

            Humans are aggressive and violent by nature. There are people who are capable of committing serious acts of violence against their own kind. Since the beginning of civilizations, crime has remained an integral part of our society and will continue to plague it. In order to harness the violent nature of mankind, societies evolved…

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