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Magna Carta Task

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1. How did religion influence the Magna Carta? King John of England had unlimited power and was taking large amounts of money without consulting his nobles. Magna Carta is a document that was created to stop the King from abusing his nobles. According to this document anything related to God is exempt from this rule. 2. How did the Magna Carta limit the power of King John? King John was forced to signed the Magna Carta document. This greatly reduced his power. He couldn’t collect large amounts of money and abuse the system.

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3. How did the Magna Carta lay the foundation for democracy? This document of Magna Carta which was created in 1215 to stop the abuse of King John and to help the citizens rights. The King himself had to obey the laws and so it gave everybody equal opportunities Document B 1. How much influence do you think pastors had on society during the Middle Ages in Europe? Explain. In the medieval ages in Europe pastors had a great influence on the society.

They were considered to have a third kind of life called next life and were considered superior over other men or women. . What is the mixed life? In Middle Ages Prelates who were considered highly ranked clergies and pastors had a third kind of life called the mixed life. They were considered to be superior and preached men and woman about body and souls. 3. To lead the mixed life, do you think a prelate or pastor would spend time in a monastery? Explain. To lead a mixed life Prelates and pastors should be away from external business and to be involved in praying, meditation, reading holy scriptures, and following spiritual exercises. So they should spend time in a monestry.

Document C 1. How does this painting show the influence of religion on politics? This picture shows Joan of Arc holding flags that have pictures of angels on them. This shows that she is very religious. She is also wearing suit suit of armor which signifies that she wants to be involved politically 2. Do you think the painter of this picture viewed Joan of Arc as a heroine? Explain. I think the painter be viewed Joanna of Arc as a heroine. The picture shows Joan or Arc wearing a suit of armor showing she’s a hero. She was determined to drive the English out of France.

She did succeed in doing this and so she became a heroine. 3. How does this painting combine the style of the ancient Greeks and Roman artists with that of the artists of the Middle Ages? Give examples. In the late Middle Ages paintings were mainly of humans as the central subject without much dramatic action. Religious symbols were common in this picture shows Angels on the banners. In those times the painters did not make the pictures look exactly like people giving the painting the sense of depth. Document D 1. How do you think Pope Urban II and the Crusades influenced the trade routes shown on this map?

The Crusades which were the Holy Wars contributed to increasing trade in Europe. Many routes for Pilgrims were opened and there was large increase in spice trade in Eastern Asia. The Crusades also improved navigation techniques. 2. Which cities shown on the map do you think were most affected by ideas from foreign lands? hich cities were least affected by ideas from foreign lands? Explain. The cities that were most affected are Frankfurt, London, and Paris. 3. What cities seemed to benefit the most from trade routes by sea? Explain. Some of the cities were Visilby, Vienna, Florence, Rome, Basel, Genoa, and Frankfurt Document E . Do you think the social standing of merchants during the Middle Ages helped or hurt the economy? Explain. In the feudal system the Kings own most of the land and they were very powerful. They gave some land to the nobles who served the Kings.

The night protected the nobles and in exchange got some land. Merchants were in cities and not involved in the land exchange. This hurts the economy. 2. Do you think church officials had a large amount of influence in the feudal system? Explain. Church officials by themselves owned pieces of land. Church officials have influence on the feudal system as their religious people. . In the feudal system, do you think knights ever felt conflicting loyalties? Explain. Knights got a peace of land for protecting the Nobles. So in the feudal system the knights have to be loyal to the nobles to earn some land. Document F 1. Do you think the social standing of merchants in feudal Japan helped or hurt the economy? Explain. Japanese feudal society, the merchants Help the economy. They had a much higher status than in feudal Europe. The Japanese feudal merchants did own their own land that they cultivated. They were respected as they produced food for people. 2.

How is feudalism in Japan similar to the feudalism in Europe? How is it different? In the European feudal system the kings were very high in position. The Lords and the Japanese feudal system had armies and often more powerful. This is how they were similar. But in the European feudal system there was not one Lord that ruled the region. In the European feudalism the nights were granted some land from the king and exchange for the kings protection. However, in the Japanese feudal system the samurai never owned land. In the Japanese feudal system the peasants owned land and cultivated.

They were very well respected as they produced food. This is different from the European feudalism as merchants in the European feudal system did not own land. The artisans in the Japanese and European feudal system was similar, they were always in the lowest position socially and economically. 3. Do you think feudalism in Japan helped to unify the country? Explain. No it did not unify the country of Japan. The society was divided into seven levels. The Emperor who has the highest level had no power. Below the emperor was the Shogan who had the most power. Then there were vassals. This Shogan hired warriors for their protection.

Below the warriors were peasants, artisans, and merchants. 1. Based on this excerpt, do you think Buddhism had a widespread influence in Japan? Explain. The Buddhism had wide influence in Japan. The excerpt says that you need to be in association with good people. It also says to save mankind. 2. In medieval Japan, what do you think are some of the attributes of moral behavior? In medieval Japan Buddhism strives to save mankind and also should exert your mind to the highest in all of your activities. 3. According to Ryoshun, what negative influence should his brother try to avoid?

According to Ryoshun his brother should not be in company with bad people and try to help mankind. “In what ways did religion and economic influence the development of medieval Europe and Japan? ” Religion and economics had major impact on the development of medieval Europe and Japan. People of Europe and Japan were very religious people in the medieval period. There were Crusades which are holy wars to acquire the holy land of Jerusalem. Religious authorities like Prelates and Pastors were considered very superior. Trade also increased between countries which made some countries economically stable.

The feudalism in European and Japan also affected the economic status. In the medieval times there were Crusades which were religious wars to occupy the holy land of Jerusalem. This holy land is located at the intersection of three continents. Three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam met in this holy land. Even though all three had common roots and had major conflicts. Initially the Christian pilgrims were allowed to visit the holy land, but later the Seljik Turks conquered the land and did not allow the Christians to visit. They had several holy wars called Crusades. The Crusades had several outcomes.

Several churches were built, several routes were opened for trade and people were spending money. Trade between countries was also increased for example spice trade from East Asia. Joan of Arc was born in 1412 in a French Village. When she was 13 she began to hear voices telling her to devote her life to God and to save France. So she went to the higher authorities and asked them to give her a troop of soldiers and she would see that the English left France. Her request was granted and she was given army, a suit of armor and a white banner. Just as she told the king she was succeeded in freeing the France from English.

After this she was consider a heroine. Magna Carta was a document signed by King John of England to stop him from abusing his nobles. During the 1100s, the king was in power and was demanding huge amounts of money without talking to his nobles for before making decisions. Some nobles did not like the King’s actions and did not support him. The King was forced to sign the document Magna Carta which was written to protect the citizen’s rights. During the Middle Ages there was Feudalism in Japan and Europe. There were several classes of people according to this system. The King was the highest authority in the European Feudalism.

He had large areas of land. The nobles served the King and got land in return. The Church Officials had land of their own. The Nobles gave the Knights some land as they protected them. The Merchants, Artisans, and Peasants had no land. The religion of Buddhism taught people of Japan to be close to good people and to help each other. In conclusion economic and religion played a huge role in Medieval Europe and Japan. Some religious acts like the Crusades increased trade and economic conditions of the countries. Feudalism also had impact on the economic status on Europe and Japan. People also were very religious and did good deeds.

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