Comparing Edward Scissorhands and Frankenstein

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Compare the way in which the 2 films Frankincense and Edward Scissor Hands represent stories of the misunderstood outcast in society. The sass’s black and white film Frankincense by James Whale and sass’s film Edward Scissor Hands by Tim Burton are two movies about a misunderstood creation that is seen as an outcast and practically shunned by the community. In this essay I will be comparing the two films on the outcast, context, style and technique. The monster in James Whale’s production of Frankincense is misunderstood and seen as an outcast.

A scene that highlights this is where the monster is in the windmill and the villagers are burning it and setting it on fire. You can tell that the community doesn’t see the monster as one of their own because if they did they probably would have treated him a bit more fairly. But in this case they Just grab their torches and hunt him down like some animal. Another scene where the monster is depicted as an outcast is when he is chained up in Frankincense’s dungeon.

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He is treated like a criminal and locked to a wall with only a tiny window of light. Basically all this is telling the creature that he is no good for freedom or for life and all because people didn’t understand him and Judged him to be scary and unsafe. The storyline in the film Edward Scissor Hands is actually very similar to Frankincense’s. It’s all about a creation that clashes into a world that Judges him and misunderstands him. The line in the film, “Can I bring him to Show and Tell on Monday? Immediately presents the fact that people think of Edward as an object or something to Jeer at and don’t give him the respect of a normal person. Another quote’s “Freak! ” So in other words is saying that he isn’t normal he’s not one of us which really translates into outcast. Between the sass’s and the sass’s a lot of changes occurred, especially in the movie industry. From Frankincense’s dark, black and white horror to Edward Scissor Hands bright and colorful suburbs, it was a major difference in both color and scenery.

Since Frankincense was filmed in the sass’s camera angles and dialogue would have been very different to the sass’s film Edward Scissor Hands, an example of this is that n Frankincense the monster hardly said a word, however in Edward Scissor Hands the creation could talk, walk, think and experience emotions. There are many other things that highlight the different time frames from which the movies were produced, but I will explain them a bit later in the essay. The style in which the two movies Frankincense and Edward Scissor Hands were filmed are entirely different.

For example in Frankincense it is mostly horror where as in Edward Scissor Hands it is more comedy and curiosity. Another example on the iterant styles to filming is that in the movie Frankincense the producer James W followed a code known as the Hays Code. This code states a number of things that aren’t allowed to be in films, e. G. Violence, nudity or mocking of religions. However in Edward Scissor Hands there are fighting scenes and various scenes where the neighbors are making fun of Smaller and her beliefs. The techniques of the two films Frankincense and Edward Chardonnays are very different in a number of ways.

One example is color; in Frankincense it’s all black ND white where as in Edward Chardonnays there are lots of bright, pastel colors. Camera angle is another technique that is used differently between the two movies. For example in Frankincense, since it was filmed decades before Edward Chardonnays there were more older camera techniques used like the defined close ups on faces. In Edward Chardonnays however there were more modern techniques in camera angles, such as when Jim falls out the window there is a camera view looking down like you were standing there yourself.

So to sum it up Frankincense had older techniques than Edward Chardonnays more modern techniques. In conclusion the sass’s film Frankincense by James Whale and the sass’s film Edward Chardonnays by Tim Burton both tell the story of two misunderstood outcasts that never seemed to fit into society. Even though the context, style and techniques of the two films were different they both shared the same meaning. To not Judge people based on looks or a passing glance, but to get to know the person first and you never know, they may Just surprise you.

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