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An In-Depth Rhetorical Analysis of Kurt Vonneguts’ Slaugtherhouse-Five Sample

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 1250 (5 pages)

Death may be the greatest of all human approvals. The above rubric comes from the well known philosopher Socrates. and in fact he is right. Since the morning of humanity. there has invariably been decease. devastation. calamity. and horror. Because if it weren’t for these things. would more worlds exist today? More coevalss of more…

Theme of Time in Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 341 (2 pages)

With each tick of the clock, precious moments slip away. Time, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed. The future cannot be seen and the past cannot be changed. People who choose to dwell on past experiences dwell in vain. No amount of will power can erase the past. It exists as a memory….

Kurt Vonnegut’s Novel “Galapagos”

Kurt Vonnegut


Words: 1442 (6 pages)

Vonnegut’s Galapagos Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Galapagos was written in 1985 and is written using addictive prose from an imaginative perspective. Like Vonnegut’s earlier work, Galapagos is characterized by exaggerated characters, imaginative scenarios, and striking insights into the human condition. And while Galapagos paints an often unflattering picture of the human species, there is great humor…

Review of “Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children’s Crusade: A Duty-Dance”

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 1172 (5 pages)

Introduction  Slaughterhouse-Five; or the Children’s Crusade, a Duty Dance with Death is a personal novel that was written by Kurt Vonnegut explaining his experiences during the Second World War. Being an advance scout in the 106th infantry division, Kurt Vonnegut was a first hand witness to the Dresden bombing in February of 1945. It is…

Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s Short Story, ‘Harrison Bergeron’

Harrison Bergeron

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 901 (4 pages)

In Kurt Vonnegut Jr’s short story, ‘Harrison Bergeron’, the setting contributes significantly towards the meaning of the story. Set in the year 2081, an alternate reality in which the future USA government achieved “equality” among all citizens by enacting amendments that handicap those whom surpass other citizens in strength and talent. Vonnegut gives a satire…

The Main Character, Harrison

Harrison Bergeron

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 699 (3 pages)

“Harrison Bergeron” was written to give the reader some sort of idea as to what it would be like if there was no competition in the world. The main character is 14, tall, handsome, strong, athletic, smart, and above average in every way imaginable. The author uses humor and irony to depict a rather horrible…

Harrison Bergeron Verses 2081

Harrison Bergeron

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 1014 (5 pages)

“The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren’t only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else.”(Kurt Vonnegut Jr.) This is a quote from both the story “Harrison Bergeron”, and the film 2081, which greatly…

Kurt Vonnegut “Cat’s Cradle”

cat's cradle

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 2164 (9 pages)

Cat’s Cradle Religion  If humans strive to fulfill their void, of a lack of meaning in their lives, their folly will blind them from the truth.  Kurt Vonnegut portrays his inner emotions and feelings of the insignificance of religion through the characters of his novel, Cat’s Cradle. His satiric approach to a subject that many…

Slaughterhouse Five 2 Research Paper The

Kurt Vonnegut


Words: 650 (3 pages)

Slaughterhouse Five 2 Essay, Research Paper The Use of Literary Devices in Kurt Vonnegut s Slaughterhouse-five Kurt Vonnegut used many literary devices in his fresh Slaughterhouse-five. These different devices serve to transport his changing subjects through the narrative. He uses a system of two narrations that separates himself from the narrative, besides there is the…

The Story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Harrison Bergeron

Kurt Vonnegut

Words: 717 (3 pages)

People often have a preconceived notion that a character is either evil or good. As people get older they get wiser, and they realize life is not black and white. In the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. one of the main characters, George, wears a handicap. A handicap is a device to stop…

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November 11, 1922, Indianapolis, IN


April 11, 2007, Manhattan, New York, NY


Kurt Vonnegut was an American writer. In a career spanning over 50 years, he published 14 novels, three short story collections, five plays, and five nonfiction works, with further collections being published after his death.


A Duty-Dance with Death 1969, Cat's Cradle 1963, Harrison Bergeron 1961


Mark Vonnegut, Steven Vonnegut, Edith Vonnegut, Lily Vonnegut, Nanette Vonnegut


2081 (2009), Harrison Bergeron 1995,


Short stories: 2 B R 0 2 B, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, EPICAC

Spouse: Jill Krementz (m. 1979–2007), Jane Marie Cox (m. 1945–1979)

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What is the message of Slaughterhouse Five?
Throughout the novel, Vonnegut narrates that war is bloody awful, which leads to the triumph of death and violence. Many characters die during the war, and the phrase, “so it goes” reflects that it is something normal. Vonnegut tries to give this message that we cannot control our lives, especially death. Read More:
What does Vonnegut want the reader to take away from the story?
Vonnegut wanted his novels to “catch people before they become generals and Senators and Presidents,” to “poison their minds with humanity. Encourage them to make a better world.” All artists, including writers, sound the alarm when society is being threatened, according to Vonnegut. Read More:
What is Kurt Vonnegut's writing style?
Vonnegut's own style of writing tends to be minimalist and dry, utilizing short sentences and avoiding wordy run-on sentences. In his works he employs themes of pacifism, social equality and the need for common decency through subject matters of war, technology, sexuality and violence. Read More:

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