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This is a summary for Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”.

Amy Tan

Words: 792 (4 pages)

This is a summary for Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”. BY BloodAndGuts69 Summary for Amy Tan ‘s “Mother Tongue” The essay is chiefly about the writer’s own rumination and judgment about how “broken English” compared to Standard English. Moreover it came to her sense that language not only “authorizes” individuals to participate as members of a…

The Significance of Language on Character Development in Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club

Amy Tan

Words: 1876 (8 pages)

The Significance of Language on Character Development in Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club The essay “Mother Tongue” and the novel Joy Luck Club are both written by Amy Tan who is the second generation of Chinese immigrations. “Mother Tongue” sheds significant light on her novel Joy Luck Club that can help in the understanding of…

Amy Tan “Fish Cheeks”

Amy Tan

Words: 583 (3 pages)

What impression does Amy Tan present of herself in “Fish Cheeks”? How? In “Fish Cheeks”, Amy Tan gives an impression of being insecure and overly dramatic. She is especially insecure about being Chinese, and this is evident in several points during the text. She has a crush on a white boy, Robert, who she describes…

Acceptance in Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan

Amy Tan

Words: 893 (4 pages)

Fish Cheeks Brief Summary Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan is a story about a Chinese-American girl, Amy, who had a crush on the Minister’s son, Robert, who is a Caucasian-American. On Christmas Eve, the minister’s family was invited by Amy’s parent for dinner. Amy’s family prepared a Christmas Dinner – Chinese Style! This worried Amy…

Mother Tongue by Amy Tan Purpose

Amy Tan

Words: 598 (3 pages)

Amy Tan’s short story, “Mother Tongue” is an admirable tale that discusses the implied meaning of languages and how language is not only a device of communication, but a social tool of measuring an individuals’ worth. Tan’s purpose was to show us how language separates, unites, or isolates those who don’t speak the common way…

An analysis on Amy Tan’s A Pair of Tickets

Amy Tan

Words: 1376 (6 pages)

Introduction             Utilizing the perceptions in the context of the story that mirror the mixture of American-Chinese living, Amy Tan is the type of author who emphasizes the relationship between a Chinese mother and her Americanized daughter in the plot of her short story A Pair of Tickets. The story attempts at giving an enlightening…

Analysis of Amy Tan’s and James Baldwin’s Works

Amy Tan


Words: 1881 (8 pages)

BismiAllah hir Rahman nir Raheem Rhetorical Analysis: Amy Tan’s “mother Tongue” vs. James Baldwin “If black English isn’t a language, then tell me, what is?” In this essay I’ve compared rhetorical analysis of Amy Tan’s mother tongue with James Baldwin “If Black English isn’t a language, then tell me, what is? As the title of…

Amy Tan’s Essay “Fish Cheeks”

Amy Tan

Words: 544 (3 pages)

Fish Cheeks Acceptance in a new environment is tough whether you are from distant lands or around the corner fitting in is always desired. This is something many kids can relate to at one point or another. Amy Tan’s essay “Fish Cheeks” exposes the reader to the vulnerability she felt as a young Chinese teenager…

Amy Tan’s Messages in “Mother Tongue”

Amy Tan

Words: 560 (3 pages)

There are three important messages that we all can understand and learn from in Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue”. Firstly, and most importantly, Tan wants to convey the message that words are more than just words and sometimes we must read between them to fully understand their meaning. Another message conveyed in this essay is that…

Analysis of “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan: DRAFT

Amy Tan

Mother Tongue

Words: 740 (3 pages)

Tongue is about the authors struggles with her linguistic identity, her mothers ‘fractured” or “broken” variation of English and the relationship with her mother. At the beginning of the piece we are told about the different types of English she would speak with her mother and with everyone else; we are then told how English…

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February 19, 1952 (age 69 years), Oakland, CA


Amy Ruth Tan is an American author known for the novel The Joy Luck Club, which was adapted into a film of the same name in 1993 by director Wayne Wang.


The Joy Luck Club 1989, The Kitchen God's Wife 1991, The Bonesetter's Daughter 2001


Linfield University, San José State University, Peterson High School


Spouse: Lou DeMattei (m. 1974)

Parents: Daisy Li, John Tan

Siblings: John Tan Jr., Peter Tan, Yuhang Wang, June Wang, Tina Eng, Lijun Wang

Movies and TV shows: The Joy Luck Club 1993, Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir 2021, Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat 2001 – 2002

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What is the text mother tongue by Amy Tan all about?
Tan relates her story of her mother talking about a gangster that wanted her family in China to adopt him because her family had more status. She tells us the story using her mother's language so we can see how expressive her mother's broken English is. Read More:
What is Tan's purpose in writing this essay?
Tan's purpose in writing this essay is to show that no matter what nationality you are, you should be proud of what you are or where you came from. Read More:
What is the main idea of mother tongue by Amy Tan?
The main idea of Amy Tan's "Mother Tongue" is the limitations that imperfect English can impose in society and the richness that such English can bring to writing. Tan elaborates this idea by scrutinizing her mother's language, her own use of English and society's response to different people's English usage.
What is Amy Tan trying to say in mother tongue?
When she isn't speaking proper English, she speaks what she likes to call her mothers tongue. She talks about how import this type of language is to her family and says, “It has become our language of intimacy, a different sort of English that relates to family talk, the language I grew up with” (Tan, 59).

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