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So You Want A Pediatrician? Job Description: Pediatricians are Doctors who are specialize in the care of young people from birth to their adolescent years. They are usually involved in treating and diagnosing patients with injuries, illnesses, diseases and much more. Their first responsibility is to diagnose illnesses, and they do this by performing physical tests, and lab tests, using the information from their histories. Skills you need: To be a pediatrician, you need to be great with children because you will be working with them the whole day. You need to like them and they need to like you.

You want to make them comfortable, cause as we all know going to the doctors is a stressful time for both the parent and the patient. And overall you need to be a people person. You also need to like caring for people, more specifically younger people. The education you need: To be a pediatrician, you obviously need to complete high school, in order to go to university. In university, you need a bachelor of science degree in anything, ( In Quebec, completion of a college program and one year of pre-medicine university studies is usually required) after that, you have to complete couple examinations to get into

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Medical School (which is very competitive and hard). Med school is usually around 3-4 years and you are given a general medical education. At the end of med school, students become deiced actors ( MD To actually become a Pediatrician, you need to complete a residency program, which specializes you, and is a on subtracting that is held in hospitals. Residencies for med school usually takes around 2 years. Training Setting: Studying in Med school usually takes place in classes. In residency, in takes place in clinics, hospitals, community centers, and much more. Suggested high school courses and grades:

If you are planning to be in the Medical Field, High school marks and grades don’t really matter, but you do want to keep the grades up, and select the right courses to get into a good university. Depending on the University, Grades vary, but try having an average over 85%. ALL the sciences are a MUST if you are planning for this career ( Chemistry, Biology, Physics). The Grade that will really count for university, is grade 11 and 12. These are some courses that are recommended: Grade 11: Biology Chemistry Physics English Math Social Studies French Grade 12: Physics English Calculus social studies

Salary Range: Salary does depend on the hospital you work in, if it is a clinic or you do your own practice. But on average, Pediatricians earn around $100,000 to $250,000 a year. Future Job Availability: In the next couple years, this job is looking good so far. In 2020, there will be 4,856 job seekers, and 6,088 job openings. There are more and more diseases being discovered every day, and the population is growing rapidly, for this reason more doctors are being needed. Being a pediatrician or any doctor, is a long hard road, but if you have the grades, and you are determined, trust me it will pay off at the end!

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