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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

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Cloud Atlas consists of six different narratives which are not in order in the book which made the novel having intersections and synchronized. The first parts of the stories were partially written. The story beginning of the story was all about an America notary’s journal in the South Seas voyage times. The first story was followed by a story which took place in 1931 about an English cad working as an amanuensis for a blind who was a syphilitic composer. Then, the story was reverted into a reporter who’s investigating news about a nuclear reactor in 1970 and followed by a futuristic fast food robot besieged to accomplish sentience and the preceding story was regarding post apocalyptic years of a Hawaiian (Mitchell, 2004).

The partial stories ended and have been concluded in backwards arrangement. The main point Mitchell in his book was the connection of humanity and history through time. Mitchell’s work was a great achievement for peculiar and extraordinary authors who have superb skills that would drive his readers and most of the authors to madness.

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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
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One of the greatest difficulties with understanding a story where the organization has turn out to be so inverted is to get past that inversion and still realize and understand the narrative. The book was constructed with episodes of six narratives which are conked out up in the style of Russian-doll with the earliest part of the first experience or story was next at the at the start of the story and the last part of the initial narrative was the very last Mitchell’s foundation to do this should not just write exclusive of style and study and Mitchell does construct great efforts and hard work to connect his stories as one but in the end the intelligence of self-satisfaction by no means gets greatly beyond that be. The optimistic point of Mitchell in creating Could Atlas is his ability to write it as clear and as well written; his prose is brilliant and excellent.

Mitchell is one clever and intelligent writer. Interpreting Cloud Atlas in any arrangement would be a tricky test to the majority of people’s language and I found myself looking for a guide, dictionary and thesaurus so I may possibly understand and recall easily where the previous instance that comet-shaped birthmark was narrated in the stories or in what part of the narrative that name Meronym had been discussed and appeared.

The rise up these stories through time and civilization is an extremely enjoyable to understand. The novel is not that bad but it has a little bit of an anticlimax approach. Subsequent to following David Mitchell on an epic quest throughout period of time gone by and events, to basically conclude where you started is surprising and brainstorming. It is because of the structural cleverness of the author, David Mitchell.

In Cloud Atlas the characters are very human and are fully defined in to details that cab draw imagination for the readers. The Cloud Atlas has many characters but in each story there is a story teller that narrates each of the stories. All of the six stories in the book have similar themes but it has been explored and presented in various ways with different ideas and concepts. Each of the main characters in the story are being distressed because of life’s hardships and this became the threat in the protagonists life in the story. David Mitchell focused on the essential of human survival. His prose was all about all about sharing the characters personal life and experiences which have connection to every generation of mankind that will provide hope and inspiration because similar challenges and shortcomings are being overcome against the evil doings in the world.

Each of the stories showed its own lingo, speech jargons, rhythm and pulses in relation to the phase of time the story originated. Mitchell created an atmosphere of each era to be realistic because of the used language for each story. It creates unique stories so that the stories would not look and feel the same. David Mitchell explicitly describes the squalor of prophetess and even the music of Robert Frobsier for the readers to understand the story and concepts about greediness, evil and bad deeds.

The novel explores many themes and concepts. It speaks about reincarnation. The book made an idea that each of the character in the story is just reincarnated because they have the same memories from each of the episode. In each of the episode the character has a comet-shaped birthmark near the shoulder that depicts that every soul is accompanied by the character through time.

The issue on imprisonment is defined in the novel. Each of the protagonists were imprisoned or enslaved in different ways that they bid for freedom. Also, in each of the episode there is the issue of inequality in social status and racism based on sociopolitical, economic and genetically engineered differences.

Betrayal was also a concept in the novel the protagonists are being betrayed by the people whom they trust. In addition to the concepts, the idea of will to power was given in the novel. It is explained by the Nietzchean Philosophy which is all about the freedom and liberty of each of the character in the story from oppression.

The novel was a mixed of different genres which make the book so interesting and well established. Mitchell’s mixing of concepts and themes into one is astonishing and its profundity and extent permit area for stumbles which might have gotten in the way of a shorter piece and made his work exasperatingly, delicate and less of opinionated undertones are pointless and upsetting, and the second to the last story of ultra-brands together with the clones has been there done that directness. But the smart way with which David Mitchell handles different voices in so many different periods is amazing. He started it from the ancient Melville style in the first section to the Twain-esque idiom in the final section. David Mitchell explored all of these distinct essentials of literature with tricks and simplicity and encompasses all of the current precedent and far-distant outlooks in our lives an the whole human race is put under the state-of-the-art point of view of time.

The novel is really worth reading because thing is wasted when you read it. Everything is essential and all the events are too significant. It explains a lot of concepts and thoughts that some of the readings may be necessary to investigate the entire book and understand it as well. Cloud Atlas is a fabricated and fictitious novel with mythical and magical stories written in large inscription. So why did I have such a tough time finishing an excellent novel with shapely characters and deep thematic construction? For me, it is because of the basic structure of the novel. Narrating six unique stories with various protagonists means that as an alternative of investing my time, empathy, and is bothered in one character; it had to be extending out across the entire protagonist. It’s not each episode lacked tension and suspense or that I didn’t care about the characters’ concluding endurance rather it just wasn’t that significant to me to discover.

If you value mythical fictions, then this is a tale you should read, examine and understand. It will test you, frighten you, irritate you, and provoke you to reflect about the essential questions it brings. It may not, however, seize you and draw you along with Mitchell’s style of making the story. It essentially not to detract its essence or its brilliance, thus, David Mitchell is more intellectual than the rest of us, and he has mesmerizing, bright key ideas and concepts he wanted to explore and share from his readers.

Cloud Atlas is richly textured and the entire novel is moving and atmospheric. It is poignant and lyrical and the magic in the novel is so amazing. This novel is beautifully written and has been well researched. Cloud Atlas supports my vision that a clever novel can be able to amuse as well as inform. David Mitchell’s prose is besieged with allusions to works of prose, science, economics and history that will make the booklover clued-up and fascinated rather than being impressed or anxious. Furthermore, each situation is a hint for the reader, connecting either to the themes or the novel’s structure and plot. All of the element will give the reader a work of fiction which is ingeniously crafted.


Mitchell, D. (2004). Cloud Atlas (First U.S. ed.). New York Random House Trade.


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