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A Trip to Howard Days 2016

Robert E. Howard


Words: 2922 (12 pages)

Another enjoyable Howard Days has come and gone, and it is safe to say that any who attended were glad they did.  The number of attendees on June 10th and 11th seemed to be a bit above average, reflecting a trend toward straining the capacity of current venues and program formats.  The panel audiences are…

The Howards in Coke County

Robert E. Howard

Words: 899 (4 pages)

As usual, I used part of my holiday break to travel to Texas with my dad. And, while the primary focus of our research this time was not Robert E. Howard or his immediate family, we did find a Howard-related document in Coke County that everyone knew should exist, but no one, to the best…

Howard Hughes: An Aviation Legend


Robert E. Howard

Words: 4197 (17 pages)

ABSTRACT             The paper is about one great flyer who prominently contributed to aviation history. Howard Hughes’ contribution in the world of aviation has been immortal and beyond compare. He set world records in flying. He got involved in the making of the world’s first airplanes, satellites and helicopters. He is indeed an indelible mark…

A Word from the Outer Dark: A New Book of Howard Poetry



Robert E. Howard

Words: 208 (1 page)

Project Pride of Cross Plains, Texas, the community organization directly responsible for the restoration and maintenance of the Robert E. Howard Museum, has announced the publication of A Word from the Outer Dark. This nifty little paperback tome is a generous collection of 100 poems by Robert E. Howard, and pretty well covers the broad scope of…

The Satanic

Robert E. Howard

Words: 1289 (6 pages)

But hear me Satan, no man ever made me admit defeat — I’ve reeled beneath a bloody moon, on buckling legs, with blood pouring from my battered mouth and mingling with the sweat on my chest and a scarlet haze shimmering before my eyes — and I’ve been smashed from gong to gong, but I…

Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

Robert E. Howard

Words: 658 (3 pages)

In the book Black like me John Howard Griffin points out that the Negro doesn’t understand the white any more than the white understands the Negro. Specific examples of the book show that both colors were racist to each other.The whites are especially racist with the blacks as seen while Griffin was hitchhiking through Mississippi….

American History vs Howard Zinn


Robert E. Howard

Words: 588 (3 pages)

Sins deliberate criticism of the foundation of the A Rican Republic effectively revealed the corrupt society Of colonial America in the 1 8th century ; however, Zion’s writing exposed only one side of these historical events in a biased ma inner. He ranted about the significant separation between the rich and the poor class, the…

Hawkshaw & Howard

Robert E. Howard

Words: 444 (2 pages)

The February 15, 1923 issue of Brownwood High School’s student newspaper, The Tattler, introduced readers to one of Robert E. Howard’s very first (maybe, the first) series characters, Hawkshaw the Detective. With the Colonel, his blundering sidekick, Hawkshaw appeared in three stories: “Unhand Me, Villain!” “Aha! or The Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace,” and “Halt!…

An Irreparable Loss: Robert E. Howard and Weird Tales, 1936

Robert E. Howard

Words: 4610 (19 pages)

In 1936, regular readers of Weird Tales must have thought Robert E. Howard was having a good year. In the first seven months, Howard had serials or stories in six issues, of which two were voted the best story in their issues, and in July he had the cover, illustrated by Margaret Brundage. Even in…

Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Robert E. Howard

Words: 1049 (5 pages)

            Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is primarily concerned with the fact that traditional education doesn’t take into account the different abilities that human beings possess that all lead to learning (Acosta, 16). One child may learn a concept rather quickly but struggle with another while another child may struggle with the first concept…

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