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Home by Toni Morrison



Toni Morrison

Words: 989 (4 pages)

Toni Morrison narrates the main character in her novel by coming to the real source of his post-traumatic stress disorder (Ibarrola). Home is set in the aftermath of the Korean war (Brockes). Toni Morrison writes in the novel Home about a poor man named Frank Money. Frank is introduced as a man from the South…

Toni Morrison’s novel, Sula



Toni Morrison

Words: 1285 (6 pages)

In Toni Morrison’s novel, Sula, many deaths has occurred which impacted society and their decision to how they want to handle each person’s death. The novel uses the duality of apathetic and sympathetic to compare society’s reaction to the different deaths that took place in the bottom land. Society was more drawn to a specific…

Jazz by Toni Morrison



Toni Morrison

Words: 1171 (5 pages)

In Toni Morrison’s Jazz, the character Violet Trace finds it challenging in her struggles to get used to life in the Harlem after she travels from the rural South to the North. Violet migrates to the North in Harlem as part of the African American Great Migration from the rural South. Violet travel to the…

The book Sula,Toni Morrison



Toni Morrison

Words: 525 (3 pages)

In the book Sula,Toni Morrison use the duality of light dark to criticize the choice to do with concepts of self identity and self determination. Each character in the novel, like each person, has a path for themselves and how their actions make them unique. The Duality of self identity and self determination.Self identity is…

Literary Analysis of the Bluest Eye

Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison

Words: 521 (3 pages)

Becoming Beautiful Toni Morrison, in her afterward for The Bluest Eye, writes much about her disappointment with the initial response from the novel. She describes the initial publication as, “like Pecola’s life: dismissed, trivialized, misread. ” Morrison, after nearly thirty years, is finally now satisfied with the attention that Pecola and her story is receiving….

Song of Solomon Outline Character Analysis

Song of Solomon

Toni Morrison

Words: 906 (4 pages)

Song of Solomon, by: Toni Morrison I. Toni Morrison was born Chloe Anthony Woofed in 1931. She was born in Loraine, Ohio to an African-American working class family. She always had an interest in literature, and studied humanities at Howard and Cornell universities. She began her career as a novelist in 1970, gaining attention from…

“Recitatif” by Toni Morrison

Short Story

Toni Morrison

Words: 630 (3 pages)

Recitatif is a story about two girls, Twyla and Roberta, who initially meet in home for children called St. Bonaventure, St. Bonny for short. At their initial meeting there are feelings of mistrust from both sides, but eventually come to bond with each other. We find out early that one is black and one is…

Literature Review of Rhetorical Visions


Toni Morrison

Words: 1202 (5 pages)

In chapter three, Pecola’s mind is pre-occupied by the idea of whiteness. This idea was originally gained from her mother Pauline, who envisions everything good in the world to have blonde hair and blue eyes, therefore setting a white sense in her home. It is here in the white house that Pauline takes her identity…

Literature Analysis of the Novel “A Mercy” by Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison

Words: 726 (3 pages)

Aesop, a well-known Greek fabulist and storyteller, once stated that “every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both before we commit ourselves to either.” According to him, it is important to consider both perspectives before making judgments or forming opinions. Toni Morrison echoes this sentiment in her novel, “A Mercy,”…


Short biography of Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison was born Chloe Anthony Wofford on February 18, 1931, in Lorain, Ohio, where she grew up. Her parents, Ramah and George Wofford, were both born in Greenville, Alabama, and moved north to Ohio in the 1920s in search of work. They settled in the predominantly black town of Lorain, where they raised their four children.Morrison’s father worked as a welder at the local steel mill, and her mother was a domestic worker.

The Woffords instilled in their children a love of learning and a strong sense of self-reliance.Morrison attended Lorain High School, where she was one of the few black students. She was an excellent student and graduated valedictorian of her class in 1949.After high school, Morrison attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she studied English and philosophy. She graduated with honors in 1953.After college, Morrison married Harold Morrison, a Jamaican architect. The couple had two sons, Harold and Ford. The marriage ended in 1964, and Morrison moved to New York City with her sons.In New York, Morrison worked as an editor at Random House, where she edited books by African-American authors. She also began working on her own writing, and in 1970 she published her first novel, The Bluest Eye.Morrison’s second novel, Sula, was published in 1973. It was followed by Song of Solomon in 1977, which won the National Book Critics Circle Award.In 1987, Morrison published her most famous novel, Beloved. The book, which is set in the years following the Civil War, tells the story of a mother who kills her child rather than allow her to be taken back into slavery.Beloved won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1988, and Morrison became the first African-American author to win the award.In 1993, Morrison was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, becoming the first African-American woman to receive the honor.Morrison has published several other novels, including Paradise (1998), Love (2003), and A Mercy (2008). She has also written a play, several children’s books, and a number of essays.In 2012, Morrison was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States.Toni Morrison died on August 5, 2019, at the age of 88.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. Introduction to Toni Morrison’s Beloved
  2. Themes and Symbols in Beloved
  3. The Character of Sethe in Beloved
  4. The Character of Denver in Beloved
  5. The Character of Beloved in Beloved
  6. The Significance of the Title Beloved
  7. The Importance of Memory in Beloved
  8. The Role of Slavery in Beloved
  9. The Use of Magic realism in Beloved
  10. Critical Reception of Beloved

Frequently Asked Questions about Toni Morrison

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How did Toni Morrison change the world?
As example and inspiration, Morrison paved the way for and encouraged countless writers who might otherwise have felt there was no place for people like them in the pantheon of American literature. ... In the 1980s, before her coronation as the grande dame of American letters, her books electrified readers. Toni Morrison was an American novelist, essayist, book editor, and college professor who wrote multiple novels, children's books, short stories, plays, and essays that would change the literary world forever.
How would you describe Toni Morrison's writing?
Morrison's writings concentrate on rural Afro-American communities and on their cultural inheritance, which she explores with cold-blooded detail and vivid vocabulary. Her intricate writing style does not just tell the reader about issues concerning African-Americans instead she shows them.
What is the main idea of Toni Morrison?
The central theme of Morrison's novels is the Black American experience; in an unjust society, her characters struggle to find themselves and their cultural identity. Her use of fantasy, her sinuous poetic style, and her rich interweaving of the mythic gave her stories great strength and texture.
What is the message of the work you do the person you are?
In "The Work You Do, The Person You Are," Morrison writes about the pride she took in contributing to her family's income from a young age. She earned $2 in exchange for doing housework after school for a well-to-do woman, and Morrison's perspective about her standing in her own household expanded through that work.

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