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Poems of Wilfred Owen and Richard Lovelace – Essay

Wilfred Owen

Words: 1126 (5 pages)

The two poems, “To Lucasta, going to the Wars” by Richard Lovelace and “Dulce et Decorum Est” by Wilfred Owen are both devoted to the subject of war. Lovelace’s poem was written in the 17th century and as well as almost all the poetry of the period has romantic diction. The war is shown as…

World War I Poet: Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen

World War I

Words: 1130 (5 pages)

Wilfred Owen was an English poet who specialised in writing about the war. Owen was born on 18th March 1893 in Oswestry. In October 1915 he joined the army and assigned to fight at the Somme. On his return to England and was put into hospital only two years after he joined up in 1917…

The theme of loss in ‘Disabled’ by Wilfred Owen and ‘Out, out’ by Robert Frost

Robert Frost Poetry

Wilfred Owen

Words: 2545 (11 pages)

How the subject of loss is communicated in the verse forms ‘Disabled ‘ by Wilfred Owen and ‘Out, out’ by Robert Frost The verse forms Disabled by Wilfred Owen and ‘Out, out by Robert Frost were written 1917 and 1916 severally, the verse forms were both written with the subject of loss having conspicuously throughout…

Analysis of ‘Disabled’ by Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen

Words: 1525 (7 pages)

The poem “Disabled” by Wilfred Owen, written in third person, presents a young British soldier who lost his legs from the First World War. The soldier is left in solitude, as he no longer appears charming to the others and his sufferings from the war changed him into a completely different man. Therefore, Owen presents…

Wilfred owen poems analysis


Wilfred Owen

Words: 3338 (14 pages)

Wilfred Owen Poems Analysis20th Century War Poems AnalysisI think that your production of a new book “Anthology for a Warred Youth”, the content it should include is of three sections. The three sections should consist of “Sending Men of to War,” “Horror within War” and “After effects of War”. The five poems you should include…

How Does Wilfred Owen Present the Horror of War in Exposure?



Wilfred Owen

Words: 423 (2 pages)

In this poem, the writer shows the reader the horrors of war from a first-hand perspective. He uses many words linking to the weather in the poem, to show that the weather is just as bad as the Germans. He shows us this by saying that the army “attacks once more in ranks on shivers…

How Does Wilfred Owen Explore the Horror of War Through the Power of Poetry?




Wilfred Owen

Words: 1095 (5 pages)

Throughout the several poems Wilfred Owen wrote throughout his experience during the First World War, he explores many themes in relation to the war and the emotions associated with these. One of the most prevalent ideas Wilfred Owen chooses to emphasise in many of his poems is that of the sense of horror associated with…

Close Study of Texts – Wilfred Owen


Wilfred Owen

Words: 1015 (5 pages)

How does Owen’s portrayal of the relationship between youth and war move us to a deeper understanding of suffering? As an anti-war poet, Wilfred Owen uses his literary skills to express his perspective on human conflict and the wastage involved with war, the horrors of war, and its negative effects and outcomes. As a young…

“Strange Meeting” by Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen

Words: 1220 (5 pages)

The poem “Strange Meeting” mainly focuses on the theme of futility of war and universal suffering. The theme of uncertainty and ambiguity is also present in the poem. Wilfred Owen participated in the war and this poem by him focuses on the horrors of war and the destruction that war brings. Just as in his…

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen

Wilfred Owen

Words: 551 (3 pages)

Owen reflects on the price paid by soldiers during wartime as he shows how the war takes away the soldiers lives. Owen describes the soldiers as being “Bent double like old beggars” this shows the price paid by soldiers as war has aged them. Owen then goes on to describe the soldiers as hags and…

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