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Essay on healthy food for class 3

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Schlosser writes about how the fast food industry works from different viewpoints. Throughout the book it can be very disturbing and very real about the fast food industry. Changing American society and causing many great problems. The author established well credibility by providing well facts and supporting it. He talks about the success and failures of what happened in the fast food nation. Many failures happened in the past such as mistreating the cattle and poultry.

The animals ere mistreated because they were being fed dead animal and chemicals.

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Essay on healthy food for class 3
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The cattle would get injected by hormones to make them bigger so once they get slaughtered there would be a lot of meat. This book is different from the other books I’ve read in my past English classes because the author supports and backed his claims and facts with evidence. Workers at slaughter houses would use lack of health care to treat the meat which caused infectious diseases. From pg. 195 the author talks about the foodborne disease which is very common.

Every day in the United States, roughly 200,000 people are ickened by a foodborne disease, 900 are hospitalized, and fourteen die. I agreed from everything of what the author wrote. Fast food business owners are mostly greedy and do not care about the publics health. Teenagers, uneducated adults, and undocumented people work for low wages. Meatpacking jobs is the most horrendous and dangerous jobs today. Fast food has shaped American society because it contributes obesity that many Americans face every day. Fast food companies spend a lot of money to sponsor their food and make people buy their food.

For an example Mc Donald’s spend millions to bring consumers especially children. Toys and a Mc Donald’s TV show manipulated children to make their parents take them to eat at Mc Donald’s and get the toys that were sponsored. Now thankfully there is more awareness of the fast food problem. More people are spreading the word of being healthy mostly at schools. Encouraging students to exercise and eat healthy. Natural and organic foods are becoming more popular in the country. Even though the government haven’t really taken any steps to stop the mistreating of animals and of what goes in our food.

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