Rough Draft Poetry Essay

This poem discusses social normality with an ironic tone. During the time period it was written there were many changes taking place in their society. The ruining, although presented in them poem negatively through one voice, there is a second positive perspective. These perspectives are commenting on women’s roles in society and how they were cultivating with the new culture that was being presented. Both poems use an ironic tone to convey certain thoughts, but they also differ in devices that separates how effectively ideas are communicate.

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Although a lot of the same devices are used throughout both poems, they come off very differently in each poem. The first and most noticeable difference would have to be the difference between Old English and New English. Even though a translation is possible, the newer English is more easily communicated therefore the poem is easier to understand, and when understood it is done with greater accuracy. Besides the “language barrier” when I found the meaning of the second poem I concluded that it was commentary on the social structure and how power influenced and corrupted their “pure” ways.

The voice in this story portrays a negative connotation when discussing how the replacement ways has affected their people and their hometown. But because of colonization and the power system they all desire to now take on this life style. Not conforming to the new easier way of society feels not only extremely negative but it builds envy. Sadly, we all want what others have; especially when what they have is easier to obtain. This woman chose to stick to her morals (the way she has en taught) rather than falling into the new shiny desires she faced.

These two poems can be connected through their similar worldly question, who am l? Does what Mm doing feel right? (Weather it cultural history or questioning your personal history otherwise known as existence. ) The last line in The Unknown Citizen “Had anything been wrong, we should certainly have heard,” is the ending to an extremely satirical and ironic poem. They are tall king about this “ideal man” that the speaker does not believe to be ideal at all. Because most of the time the wrong that couldn’t be reported are the things are that truly matter.

They are what can (or should) accurately judge weather a person is living a good/happy/fulfilled life. Both poems have a culturally relative stands. The speaker in The Unknown Man is shaming his culture. Ironically stating that it is wrong. It is unintelligent to put importance on the aspects of life that his culture exaggerates. The entire duration of the poem, The Ruined Maid is told by one speaker while the second poem has two voices.

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