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Essay- Scholarship of a Student

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My name is Shawnya West. I am a 23 year old student at Rogue Community College. I am the oldest of three children in a very loving, solid family. My mother is a homemaker and my father has worked in the timber industry for over thirty years. Though I did not graduate from high school, I challenged the General Education Diploma classes and passed with flying colors, receiving my GED two months ahead of schedule. When I learned that my father’s employer was providing grant money for continuing education and training, I quickly took advantage of this opportunity.

I enrolled in a Business Advertising class offered through the Small Business Development Center. Rather than continue with college classes, I decided to try out my new found independence and took a job in a small convenience store. I worked there four years. I proved myself to be a mature, motivated, and intelligent employee. My employer promoted me twice, first to manager and next to bookkeeper.

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Essay- Scholarship of a Student
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All of this, I accomplished by the age of twenty. During this same period of my life, I volunteered as a firefighter for the Glendale City Fire Department. At sixteen years old, I was a junior firefighter and later that same year I was certified as an Emergency Vehicle Operator. I worked under the supervision of Chief Jim Bard. I began coursework towards EMT 1 certification but was unable to become state certified because I was not 18 years old. Right now my goal is to become better educated. I have not declared a major yet, though I’m currently exploring the many programs and options at Rogue Community College. I want to utilize the skills and experience I already have, as well as learning new ones. I am applying for this scholarship because I want to make a positive contribution to my community and I believe the best way to do this is to continue my education. This scholarship will allow me to continue at Rogue and realize my potential. Thank you for taking time to consider my application. Bibliography:

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