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            There are different approaches towards life - Applying for a scholarship introduction. As a young child, I have always believed that poverty or other obstacles would not hinder us from acquiring a proper education. Regardless of the financial distress, I believe that I have the capabilities of being rewarded a scholarship that would help me fulfill my dreams.


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            Being awarded a scholarship is very important in this part of my life. I believe that education is one of the most important investments people could make in their lifetime. This may be attributed to the fact that education becomes the foundation of one’s professional path, leading to good and well paying jobs. In addition to this, I believe that scholarships bring the best among students. Since we are to be funded by organizations, we are inspired to improve our craft further and become the best that we could be. Furthermore, the great deal of financial assistance those scholarships provide would allow us, scholars, to save money and worry less about college expenses.

            Through these hard and difficult times, I still believe that I have what it takes to make it big in this world. If given the chance, I would like to acquire my Associate Degree in Nursing from the Fayetteville Technical Community College. Eventually, I would go on and complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and then go further by acquiring my Master’s Degree. Being a registered nurse in this country is my greatest dream, for I would be able to become of service to people, especially those in dire need.

            Not everyone is given the opportunity to shine and become someone in society. Although I am not financial stable to send myself to school, I believe that being awarded a scholarship would help me to strive harder and make it big in this fast and changing world. Nurses are one of the most sought after professionals nowadays, and in my own way, I hope to contribute to the upheaval of health in our society. This dream starts through granting of my scholarship.


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