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The student found it challenging to locate real-life examples of vertical farming in their research, despite there being many descriptions of the process available. They narrowed down their research to find the most accurate examples that fit the requirements and included an example of a vertical farm in Chicago, IL. The paper discusses the pros and cons of both vertical and traditional farming methods and highlights the issue of the nation running out of food. After changing their intended audience, the student wrote in an informative way that would appeal to everyday people. They found the peer review process helpful but felt that more questions should be geared towards finding TAPE in a paper. Overall, the student learned a great deal through the writing process and discovered a preference for informational writing over persuasive papers.

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In doing research for my topic, it was very easy to find descriptions of the vertical farming process, but hard to find real life vertical arms in today’s world. I searched online for what seemed like forever and read countless books. I narrowed research down by finding the most accurate examples that fitted my need and really explained what I was looking for. My research was incorporated where it was needed. Included descriptions of the many different processes and also gave an example of a sustainTABLE vertical farm in Chicago, IL.

My claim was supported by research and interviews with Ryan Coy. Throughout my paper I explained the pros and cons of both vertical farming and traditional farming, explained the processes horology, and really hit home with the idea that we, as a nation are running out of food. At first, thought my audience would be people that were already knowledgeTABLE about vertical farming, but after trying to cut out my information about the process and other information, it was extremely hard to fill in the gaps, so I changed my audience.

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I decided to make my audience regular, everyday people. I wrote towards them in a way that I would want to read or hear about something. If were to publish my paper, I would want it to print in the Pantograph. I chose the Pantograph because it is printed in the Midwest and the Midwest is a huge farming area, so word would travel quickly about what vertical farming is. Simply want to inform people of the benefits of vertical farming, and hope that someday we make the right decisions about crop growth, for survival, in the future.

The voice in my paper is very informative. I discuss both sides of the argument, as well as state some pros and cons. The peer review process has helped me when writing my paper, and analyzing how others might view it, but otherwise I didn’t get the feedback I was hoping to get. I think that questions should be more mimed towards seeing if the classmate can find the TAPE in someone’s paper, and maybe having them ask questions about what we’re trying to do.

Overall, wasn’t given any feedback that I could really do anything with, beyond “stay on track, sounds great! ” I have learned so much when writing this paper. Specifically, I learned that it is extremely difficult to write a persuasive paper, and that there is so much information that goes into it. Throughout this learning process I have realized that I don’t like writing persuasive papers, I would much rather write about something informational.

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