Three Academic Goals I Want to Achieve This Year

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Goals are things that students has to have, and is a thing that students wants to have. The goals can’t be too harsh, but not too easy, a goal that you have to try hard and you are able to reach it. I have three goals so far, and I think it will be pretty fun to read it!

Kids like to have awards, because they think they are getting affirmed from others. That goes with me too. I want to get at least 1 award. To be specific, I want the academic(principle) award. The reason why I want the academic award is similar with others. I study hard in house, in school, in academies, and everywhere. After studying hard, getting academic award makes me feel proud and makes me think that I should try more harder.

Points going down…down…down…down…it’s all because of you! Late works!!!! My teacher always said to me…you have a great quality homework, but I can’t give you points!! Please hand it on time!! In sixth grader, I’m willing to try very hard and get almost no late homeworks.

In a disney channel show, there is always a friend that’s best. Called best friend. This year, I will try to be nice to all of the girls & boys in our class. Which means, I won’t just have only 1 B.F.F.! I will have several, so that I can get helped from them, and help them when they need help.

In conclusion, I have 3 goals related to academics and friends. I hope this goals are reached at the end of the year. Or at least be near the goal.

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