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Process Writing Packing for a Trip


Words: 826 (4 pages)

Everyone dreads the whole packing process for a trip or a long vacation. Getting everything in order can be a major drag. People do not realize it, but there are certain processes to follow that can make this whole cycle a lot easier. “What to pack? ” “Where to put it? ” “Do we have…

2 Process Theories of Motivation


Words: 1470 (6 pages)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Motivation theories are primarily divided into two major types which are the content theories and the process theories. This report aims to critically evaluate two process theories of motivation which is the Expectancy Theory by Victor Vroom and the Equity Theory by John Stacy Adams. The methodologies used in this report include a…

The strength and weaknesses of Content and Process Theories of Motivation


Words: 881 (4 pages)

People are an organisations most valuable and expensive resources but they are the most difficult element of an organisation to manage. People posses a variety of talents and they will react differently in different circumstances, in fact, they are unpredictable. Unlike machines, individuals are interchangeable which creates problems for organisations, for example, a person may…

Case Study: Business Process Reengineering General Motors Corporation

Business Process




Words: 854 (4 pages)

Case study: Business Process Reengineering General Motors Corporation “General Motors is one of three leading automotive manufacturing companies in the United States. Based in Michigan in 1903 by Henry ford and grew to reach revenue of $150 billion and more than 370,000 employees by 1996. In the 1970’s, the automobile market for the major auto…

Piaget Theory Vs Information Processing Theory



Words: 1948 (8 pages)

Reasons behind why kids think in different ways have been established in assorted theories. Jean Piaget advanced a greatly influential theory that reflected his anterior surveies in the Fields of biological science and familial epistemology. It is a theory that has been contended by many others, including that of the information-processing attack to cognitive development….

Idea Generation Process – Entrepreneurship


Words: 1306 (6 pages)

Companies seek new ideas to enhances the performance of the exiting products and to innovate new ideas. The stages is called idea generations stages. The Major sources of new product ideas include internal sources, customers, competitors, distributors and suppliers. Almost 55% of all new product ideas come from internal sources according to one study. Companies…

Transformation Process Model within Tesco


Words: 1309 (6 pages)

Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 when he started selling food markets from a stall in east London. Jack Cohen opens first Tesco in1929 at Burnt Oak, Edgware, North London.In1932 Tesco shops has been expanded to Private Limited Company. In 1947 Tesco Stores ( Holdings ) Ltd entered into Stock Market with a…

counseling process


Words: 1124 (5 pages)

Overview of Counseling and Psychotherapy Psychotherapy is the treatment of individuals with emotional problems, behavioral problems, or mental illness primarily through verbal communication. At one time the term psychotherapy referred to a form of psychiatric treatment used with severely disturbed individuals. Counseling, on the other hand, refers to the treatment of people with milder psychological…

The Effect of Temperature on Physiological Processes in Daphnia Magna


Words: 1717 (7 pages)

Abstract The physiological procedures of many beings are sensitive to temperature. In order to see this consequence of temperature, we examined the bosom rate of a Daphnia magna over a scope of different temperatures. Bing an poikilothermic animate being, the Daphnia ‘s organic structure temperature is dependent on H2O temperature. It was hypothesized that since…

Compare and Contrast One Process Theory of Motivation


Words: 2722 (11 pages)

Compare and contrast one process theory of motivation with one content theory. Include in your answer a brief explanation of why one is a process and the other is a content theory. This essay will begin first of all by defining “Motivation” as a business concept and then go on to present one process and…

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What Is a Process Essay?

In simple terms, a process essay is a HOW-TO essay. This style of document is used to instruct the reader on how to do something, such as how to achieve a specific goal. Everything from how something is designed or made to how you prepare a wonderful meal might be the goal.

A good process essay should guide the reader through the work and ensure that they complete it successfully. In most circumstances, it is utilized to inform persons who are new to the task or have little expertise with it.

You must follow the typical essay structure in order to compose a fantastic essay:


The writer conveys the purpose of the paper in the opening, saving the exact specifics for later. This section is much shorter than the rest of the essay, and it gives the reader fundamental background information as well as the significance of the examined procedure and its application in real life.

2.Body Paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs you’ll have is determined by the stages of the process. However, make sure that this section isn’t too long or difficult to comprehend. Each stage should be provided in the order in which it was intended, with each stage being listed in its own paragraph.

Furthermore, the phases of your essay’s body should include the details that are required for the operation to be done correctly, such as the equipment and tools that must be used, as well as the primary obstacles and potential problems that the reader may encounter during the process.


The final paragraph is the shortest of the three and serves to reveal the process’s results. In addition, the conclusion summarizes the guide’s main point and restates the thesis, reinforcing the procedure’s importance to the reader.

How to Write a Process Essay Step by Step

Step 1: Determine the Target Audience

Take some time to consider who your audience is and what they want from your paper before you begin writing. This will assist you in determining what you need to address as well as the language to employ.

Consider the following issue:

  • Is your audience well-versed on the subject?
  • Is it necessary for you to provide them some background or specific information?
  • Should you merely go over the fundamentals? Should you go on to more complex topics as well?
  • In the essay, what kind of terminology should you use?

Step 2: Create a List of Materials or Tools

A process essay examines how something is accomplished, and we all know that in order to accomplish something, you must employ the utilization of resources or equipment. As a result, make a thorough inventory of the equipment or supplies the reader will need to execute the task you’re presenting before you start writing.

Step 3: Make an Outline

If you’ve finished your research for this essay, make a list of what you want to include in the text. A process essay will almost always need you to complete the assignment yourself. This will make it easier for you to jot down the steps as you go. If you compose this essay from memory, you’re likely to miss one or two crucial steps.

Create a brief outline that incorporates all of this material and will serve as a guide for the writing process.

Step 4: Start Writing

Remember the primary structure: every essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In addition, use the following tactics and tips:

  • The introduction should entice the reader.
  • Don’t jump right into writing. The essay must start with a succinct but interesting introduction. The idea is to write a few sentences that entice the reader to continue reading.
  • Provide hints to the reader.
  • Give the reader some background on the length and intricacy of the process you’ll be discussing. Most crucial, do not overlook the minor details. Make a list of everything the reader will require.


As you can see, creating a process essay isn’t as difficult as you would have assumed. You can easily use the outline to write a detailed, yet understandable paper once you’ve organized your ideas and thoughts. This document does not necessitate academic jargon or flowery terminology; rather, it is intended to guide everyone through a process or activity. As a result, if you follow our advice, you will be able to write a fantastic essay.

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