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Selection Process of Hsbc Bangladesh


Words: 10008 (41 pages)

1. Objective of the Study There are aims and objectives of the study. This includes: 1. To determine how HSBC selects their employees. 2. To determine what HSBC do to motivate their employees. 3. To determine the things done by HSBC to give job satisfaction to their employees. 4. To determine and assess the effects…

Fisheries in Bangladesh


Words: 6202 (25 pages)

Introduction Bangladesh is enriched with extensive and huge qualitative water resources distributed all over the country in the form of different types of ponds, beels, lakes, boropits, small and large rivers and estuaries covering an area of about 4. 34 million hectare (ha. ). There are four categories of major fisheries resources: these are- 1)…

Rmg in Bangladesh


Words: 3224 (13 pages)

CHALLENGES FACED BY BANGLADESH RMG Enactment of US Trade Development Act 2000 The Trade and Development Act 2000 more popularly known as US Trade Development Act 2000 was enacted in the USA on May 19, 2000. This act consisting of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and the United States-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act…

Launching a Karaoke Bar in Bangladesh


Words: 2523 (11 pages)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KARAOKE AVENUE will be the first ever karaoke bar in Bangladesh. It is the place where people can hangout with their peers and enjoy the karaoke experience and quality food. We will have frequent live performances to encourage and entertain young singers. Our plan is to launch the bar in Dhanmondi since it…

Standardization by Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution


Words: 1225 (5 pages)

|BANGLADESH STANDARDS AND TESTING INSTITUTION (BSTI) | .    Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI), the only National Standards body of  Bangladesh, is playing an   important role in developing and Promoting industrial   Standardization. Keeping in view that Standardization, metrology, testing and quality control in the industrial spheres are the basic pre-requisite of the infrastructure necessary for sound…

Bangladesh’s Export Import Analysis


Words: 5082 (21 pages)

Introduction Bangladesh is a rapidly developing country with a rapidly growing economy. Its economy ranks as 43rd largest economy regarding its PPP terms in 2010 and 57th largest economy regarding the nominal terms according to the IMF. By observing the economy of Bangladesh it is said that its economy is mainly market based economy. After…

Hortal in bangladesh


Words: 420 (2 pages)

Introduction : Polyethylene is a type of polymer that is thermoplastic, meaning that it can be melted to a liquid and remolded as it returns to a solid state. It is chemically synthesized from ethylene, a compound that’s usually made from petroleum or natural gas. Other non-official names for this compound include polythene or polyethylyne;…

Digital Bangladesh – Information Technology ICT


Words: 294 (2 pages)

ICT is the backbone of any digital initiative. ICT covers the vast area of information technology, communication technology and of course the telecommunication technology; categorically processing of information and ensuring connectivity. Again it is mentionable that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina dreamed for a Digital Bangladesh. Without ICT sector development the dream of a Digital Bangladesh…

Case Study of Architect Muhammad Rafiq Azam




Words: 2024 (9 pages)

Introduction:The intent of indicting this peculiar essay is to understand architecture via linguistic communication particularly in term of vocabulary, grammatical construction ; both physical and rational. Through certain agreement, it carries message and communicates significances.Rafiq Azam had been chosen as the mark of analysis of ego and architecture. Muhammad Rafiq Azam is an award-winning designer….

An assignment on liberation war


International Relations


Words: 2943 (12 pages)

The birth of Bangladesh in 1971 is not only a historical event of this region, but an outburst of the long-term socio-political and economic struggle of Bengali nation. The event f 1971 through which Bengali can come forward with a nation-state, which is in fact, an event in which Bengali could reach in its utmost…

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