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The author had been saving for a year and planned their vacation to Durban, South Africa. They were excited because of the fun recreational activities, beautiful scenery, and economical lodging available. South Africa was different from any place they had visited before because of its variety of recreational activities including kite boarding, hiking, trout fishing, and beaches. They visited the Margaret beach and enjoyed its well-groomed appearance, palm trees, and warm water provided by the Indian Ocean. They also went to the Engle Hiking Trail, which allowed them to hike through towns, farmer’s fields, and parks. They packed summer gear and consumed twice as much food to keep their energy up. They saw different species of antelope and raptors and enjoyed the preserved history along the canal. They slept on church grounds, cemeteries, and yards of kind people willing to take them in. They also went to the Dressmakers mountains to do trout fishing, which is close to the coastal plains and has heavy rains on the eastern slopes in summer, making it a good ideal for fishing. Overall, the author enjoyed their vacation in Durban and was inspired to see more of the country.

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After a year’s savings and many months of planning, it was finally time for my vacation. Traveling has always been my passion because by the age of 17, I had already been to exotic places like India, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Australia, and Malaysia. So when a friend of mine suggested that we go to Durban I was very excited because of the fun recreational activities, the beautiful scenery in a pleasant location, and the economical lodging available South Africa turned to e different from any place had visited so far because of its fun recreational activities.

It turned out to be an attractive and gorgeous country, being smaller than Texas it has a great deal of variety on recreational activities like kite boarding, hiking, trout fishing and going to beaches. The Margaret beach also known as the South Africa ‘Miami Beach’ on the south coast appeared unexpectedly well groomed, the sun shining super bright to get you in the mood of a great day, kite boarding, and a couple of volleyball courts to play each volleyball.

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I could smell the slightly typical moulds seaweed that was caressing the sand. The beach also has lots of palm trees and warm water provided by the Indian Ocean as a result you could lots of people sunbathing. Really liked this place because of its nature and sites that were available. Next we went to Engle Hiking Trail in Weak State, a different kind of a hike, its not a wilderness like the other hiking trails because we could hike through towns, farmer’s fields and parks.

We had packed our summer gear since it as in summer, sleeping bags, alcohol stoves, and food for the trip although we could always stop to buy food at towns we hiked through. To keep our energy we consumed twice as much food. As we passed through these cities we could see different species of both antelope and raptors and various trees both indigenous and exotic. I enjoyed seeing the locks intact and all the preserved history along the canal. The people also amazed me especially the elderly because they were friendly being proved by their kindness.

Most of he times we could sleep on church grounds, cemeteries and houses and yards of people willing to take us in. It fueled me with inspiration to see the rest of Durban. Our next stop was at the Dressmakers mountains to do trout fishing, this mountain stretches to the Limp river. To the fisherman this mountain is godsend because it is close to the coastal plains the mountain also rises steeply to over ten thousand feet causing a massive upwelling of moist air and heavy rains on the eastern slopes in summer which is a good ideal for fishing.

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