Ethical Justification Essay

There are three kinds of ethical principle theories - Ethical Justification Essay introduction. Viz. ,Kantian ethical theory, Utilitarian ethical theory and Contract ethical theory, each distinguished by a unique status of its implication in a particular scenario or a situation. The guidelines are very important to follow before applying any ethical theory. Kantian ethical theory guidelines are : (1) Categorical imperative (2) Principle of ends (3) Principle of autonomy.

Application of a maxim such as “honesty is the best policy” carries its applicability as a universal law which can be practiced by everyone. Utilitarian theory guidelines are : (1) Principle of Utility [a] Act of utilitarianism [b] Rule utilitarianism (2) Harm principle (3) Principles of consequences. Contract ethics guidelines are : (1) Principle of liberty (2) Principle of opportunity (3) Principle of distributive justice (4) Principle of justice (5) Principle of need. [e. g. A vehicle purchased through a contract of purchase, if proved to be defective invites principle of justice. ] Medical Decision Support Systems is the best real-time situation for application the above ethical theories wherein medical system functions based on trust and faith between a doctor and a patient. Theory of utility can be applied here to inspect, whether the patient is receiving an act of utilitarianism and rule of utilitarianism in the form of medical services from physicians.

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Assessment of harm principle and principles of consequences are based on restoration of health of a patient. Incompetent or lenient medical systems, prove as fatal accidents for patients leaving an irreparable loss for the rest of life. In order to avoid such situation, every remedial measure must be taken with a view of moral concept apart from application of ethical theory as lives of people are precious especially of those who are in need of health and need a supportive medical system.

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